Breaking News: Ugandan Forces Return To South Sudan

untitledUgandan’s UPDF entering South Sudan teritory(Photo: file)

November 24, 2015(Africans Press) Last night at around 10 PM, 20 truckload of UPDF entered south Sudan from Nimule and headed towards Juba. As we had reported here previously, Juba had sent high-level officials to Kampala requesting for Military convoy escorts along Juba Nimule Road.

In addition over the weekend, Ugandan and South Sudanese high-level military officers held a closed-door meeting in Nimule, its theme was not disclosed but it was deemed this was for the reasons of, seeking Uganda’s full return in South Sudan, in pretext of Security on Nimule Juba Road.

The head of the South Sudanese delegations to the Nimule meeting between the two nation was thought to be a high ranking Security chief, A Major General who fell into ambush on Mt.Gordon and lost his life in the encounter as his Vehicle rolled into the gorges of the Mountain.

It was reported by some media, Uganda actually had not withdrawn its forces as stipulated in the peace agreement but rather is absorbed into the SPLA-JUBA units and are principally stationed in Nesitu near Juba. This flagrant disregard to the peace deal by Uganda has now added to the injury and suffering of the people of South Sudan. Kiir has been emboldened by the presences of Uganda without questions as he makes moves to prosecute the war more intensely now in the Equatorian regions.

In another developments, Philip Aguer had announced Juba has started pulling its forces out of the Capital to 25 miles out as stipulated by the peace agreement, but these very same Soldiers headed to Pageri, which is 85 miles South of Juba. This will be in Violations of the peace deal as the soldiers has not kept with the agreed 25 miles but rather Kiir is instead putting foothold and a grip in localities where he is not welcomed. Indeed if he were to replicate this game, then the end result is blanketing his forces all over the country to reinforce his tribal dominance for the purpose of JCE stated colonization of South Sudan.

The silence of IGAD-plus is saddening in condemning Musseveni and Kiir in prolonging the sufferings of South Sudanese, as they violate peace deals and defy the international communities.


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