Besigye Fires Back at EC: I Will Not Stop Defiance Campaign

Dr Kizza Besigye (R) addressing the media at his home in Kasangati on Thursday. He was accompanied by Joyce Ssebugwawo
By: Michael Ntezza
Nov 26,2015
FDC Presidential Candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has vowed to continue with calls for defiance as a campaign strategy just a day after the Electoral Commission (EC) warned that such conduct was aimed at sowing seeds of anarchy, Chimp Corps report.

“The commission has noted with concern the consistent calls by candidate Kizza Besigye for defiance as a campaign strategy,” warned EC boss Eng Badru Kiggundu at a press conference in Kampala on Wednesday.

“This kind of campaign is likely to have serious impact on the conduct of peaceful campaigns and elections,” Kiggundu added, cautioning that failure to heed his warning would attract “consequences.”

However, addressing press at his home in Kasangati, Wakiso District on Thursday, Besigye said his campaign is aimed at “awakening minds of Ugandans to gain total independence.”

Besigye said the Electoral commission “is not independent because we have ever taken it to court over the 2006 presidential elections whereby court ruled that the elections were not free and fair.”

He added: “So we couldn’t expect the same Commission to conduct any other election in this country. Their actions are not a surprise to me.”

Besigye advised Kiggundu to stop issuing threats but emphasize serving the people basing on the constitutional mandate of the commission.

“I don’t think I went against any law in the course of our campaigns because it’s our responsibility to advise people on how to liberate their country. Whoever wants to take any action on us with the help of their offices it’s the right time to do whatever they feel but they should not forget that EC and government are carrying out their duties under the mandate of citizens,” he emphasised.

Electoral Law

Kiggundu yesterday condemned “this kind of conduct and hereby warns Dr Besigye, his agents and supporters, to desist from taking this path but instead conduct the campaign in accordance with the law.”

Asked what action would be taken in case Besigye remained defiant, Kiggundu observed: “We warn you, once or twice. On the third occasion, we have always acted. He should not blame me for the consequences.”

Kiggundu said, “Candidates or their agents must not use or publish any foul language or defamatory words which incite public disorder, hatred, violence or which threatens war.”

But Besigye today said, “we are about to decide on whether it’s the people’s servants to decide for them or the people themselves to make their own decisions. In case Electoral Commission fails to fulfill its obligations it will be the role of Ugandans to decide the disciplinary action to this commission.”

Insiders say security is concerned that Besigye is radicalising the population in preparation for an insurrection should he lose the 2016 elections.

Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura told ChimpReports recently that Besigye must stop inciting violence.

“He should be questioned. He is saying, ‘I will defy the law.’ He has promised to defy the Constitution.”

Kayihura said police will not tolerate any acts of violence during and after the election, saying the force has enough manpower to maintain sanity during this electoral exercise.

Besigye defiant

The FDC strongman said he will not stop encouraging people to reclaim their power from a small but powerful and armed political elite in the country.

“Many people have given up on elections thinking that elections are irrelevant because you can’t spend a whole day lining up to vote when knowing that people will declare whatever they want. Power 10 campaign is to ensure that we challenge any form of injustices including cheating during elections. We need also to have independent organs of the state,” charged Besigye.


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