Breaking News: Update. On Nuer Gen. who was killed in Juba on Nov. 24, 2015


Gen. Tito Biel Chuor was killed with 10 body Guards outside Juba after he was lured in by SPLA in Bilpam, Juba.

The Africans Press has report earlier about a Nuer Gen. who was killed on Nov. 24, outside Juba. A source close to military point out that the Gen. who was killed is identified as Brig. Gen. Tito Biel chuor who was at UNIMISS Camps in the last two years of South Sudan War.

Gen. Biel was thought to lured in to bush outisde Juba by regime in Juba after he was tape talking to Philip Aquer and later to Bapiny Montuel. Bapiny was on his way to pick up Gen. Tito, a source disclose, however, he was killed before making his way to meet Bapiny by South Sudanese Se4curity agents.

Gen. Tito Biel was killed with 10 other Nuer soldiers who was with him at the time.

More details will be air later as the case is unfolded



  1. It’s a very sad news to our peaceful people in our country South Sudan .. Tito biel Chour is a good man as I now him closely when I work with him before 9 years in USBss .. it will be a another wrong action taken against good people in our new nation .. I am too sorry to this news .

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