Breaking News: A Nuer Brig. Gen. Killed in Juba


Juba: A south Sudanese General was killed on Nov. 24, 2015 outskirt Juba after he was lured by government officials. A source who was not wanted to be name  says, “I was shocked to let that this general who was in United Nation Protection Camps could lost his life just like that” he said.

SPLA Spokesman Philip Aguer would not denies nor confirm the situation

In his low voice, the individual says that the life become difficult for Nuer generals who are not trusted by Dinkas soldiers. This should never lost his live if it was not because of the missed trust between the community.

The Africans Press cannot verified the name of the General who was killed but working to find out who was the general is. We contact Philiph Aguer, the spokesman of SPLA but said, we are still investigating the situation.



  1. sad to the news media group limited edition and how are you going there bro what you like to know where are the line of the first to write because of the killing of the first strike general of nuer to become killed in helicopters attack by UGANDA forces

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