Corruption is not a path to life, its a path to death – Pope to Kenyans

Corruption is not a path to life, its a path to death – Pope to Kenyans

By Koome Kimonye, Citizen Digital
Published on 27 November 2015

Pope Francis
Pope Francis challenged Kenyan leaders to shun corruption saying that what is acquired through corrupt means lives to haunt those involved and their families.

The Pope, while addressing the youth at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, said that corruption is a cancer that is in all areas of life and needs an immediate cure.

“Corruption eats inside, it is like sugar; we like it, it’s easy,” said the Pope in an analogy.
“We end up being diabetic or the country ends up being diabetic and we end up with huge populations of poor people.”

The Pope said that corruption destroys the country systematically and eventually leaves behind a shell.

He called on the youth, whom he said are the most vulnerable to corruption, to avoid it at all cost.

“Please, do not develop that taste for that sugar which is called corruption,” he said.

He said that it is possible to defeat corruption in Kenya saying that everything has a begging and we can all start the process of bringing to an end that vice.
“In everything, you have to make a start. If you do not want corruption in your lives, hearts and countries, start ending it yourselves,” he told the youth. “If you don’t start, the person behind you won’t start as well.”

The Holy Father said that corruption takes away our joy and peace adding that corrupt people do not enjoy peace in live and most of them die miserable deaths and that anything acquired through corruption remains on earth and is used by others.

“What you rob through corruption will stay here and someone else will use it.”

He added that corruption wounds hearts of many hardworking Kenyans and their prayers will not go unanswered.

“The hearts of many men and women are left wounded by those involved in corruption,” he said. “What will remain behind is the lack of good you could have done but didn’t.”

He attributed the high number of persons living in poverty to corruption saying that it has robbed them what is rightfully theirs.

His word to the youth; “Young people, corruption is not a path to life, it is a path to death.”

His speech comes at a time the country is facing the greatest challenge since its independence; addressing graft.

On Tuesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta replaced six Cabinet Secretaries who have been suspended, resigned or stepped aside following corruption allegations leveled against them.

Will Kenyans put into practice the Pope’s message or will they go back to their corrupt ways?


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