Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet reputed Sudan Tribune report and call upon all his supporters to dismissed that report


Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet was angrily responded to Sudan Tribune’s report that he is in contact with Juba regime in which he denied strongly. Who says I should go to Juba and knee down in the front of someone who force my people to eat their dead, who says I should be willing to forgive Salva Kirr who trained his own militia men to killed South Sudanese who happened to be Nuer? Why Sudan Tribune is lying about me when I just only granted them to my opinion about ongoing peace process?

Peter Gatdet call upon all his supporters world wide to dismissed any allegation by Sudan Tribune and levelled the report as a “desperation to report on me” Said Gen. Gatdet

Sudan Tribune report that “A top South Sudanese rebel commander, who in July defected from the armed opposition faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM-IO) led by former vice-president, Riek Machar, has finally come out of shadows and requested president Salva Kiir’s government for a deal which would make it possible for him to return to Juba”

“Sudan Tribune must be an agent to Juba regime or desperately liars on me” Gatdet said. Gen. Gatdet said that he was so surprise to see his name being used for desperate report on him.

Peter Gatdet said, “I am calling upon all Nuer to continues celebrate the lives of our people in December 15, 2015 to remembered 2013 where our people were force to eat themselves”  he said




  1. I think money can destroy the good image to bad thing why Gen: gatdet deffected while people are busy for peace
    First place gatdet is good in the eyes of Nuer community but now he has lost his creditability.

  2. Please adjust your writing, your articles are too hateful and a writer catch the audience attention. Don’t spread hate speech, South Sudanese don’t want war anymore instead PEACE. One love and long live South Sudan.
    Am South Sudanese, my professional, I graduated with Diploma and doing my degree in Mass Comm. working for peace organization now.

  3. Long life General Wutdet! Long life our special Hero! I was total surprise how can you surrender to Jieng Council of elder and Paul Malong Quickly like this. Keep your visions alive!

  4. Puot rambang your liars major. gen. Gatdet yaka and major. gen. Gat.hoth gatkuoth plus major. gen. Gabriel gatwec Chan(tanginya) never lost their vision in front of whole nuer and they will never surrender to kiir forces forever your behind the news. This peace is an speer no grantee to guide nuer in Juba why people still killing till now. And why the fighting still continue in others areas control by rebels. You stay in abroad and injoy your interest you want. Come and go to Juba if your proud.

    • I thinks what all nuer said to encourage gen peter getdet is not correct when you are a leader you connot post ur people for death u can thinks what can happened in future of ur people but dinka and nuer are brothers thanks for the people share

  5. I think media has become a center for idols to brainstorm their barbaric congitations about South Sudan. Gadget must die as people used to die at his hands.

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