Breaking News: Widows of Jieng Emmanuel Church Attacked Rebecca Nyadeng in Juba


A source at Emmanuel Jieng Church reportedly  says that a groups of widows from Jieng community have attacked Rebecca Nyadeng Mabior, the wife of late Dr. John Garang today on Sunday in Juba.

A church member who want to remain unnamed says that “the women acting like crazy and shouted that go back to your husband Riek Machar who killed our husbands” and “we do not need you here nor your Nuer Rebel of Riek. we will killed you and your husband Riek”

After Nyadeng was rescued by some of the congregations at the Church, Nyadeng was reportedly seen crying and cussing the women for not respecting her late husband and her members react to her cry by attacking the women but the area was cleared quicker.






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