Malong. “Nuer are not welcome in Juba” A Leak report in Juba:7 batalions are prepared to dealt with SPLM-IO in Juba



Mathiang Anyoor Malitia’s training camp

Juba- Paul Malong is mobilizing Gelweng, Mathiang Anyoor and Dutku Beny Militias in and around Juba.  an anonymous source contact the Africans Press today in Juba that Paul Malong is on the move. This come last week and now confirmed after reading the news of SPLM-IO to Juba. He says that the  SPLM-IO’s advance team who are planning to go Juba without a proper security of their own must prepared their fate clearly. A very worrisome security leakage reached the Africans Press indicate that Juba regime has place a seven (7) batalions in and around Juba area to response to any resistant from SPLM_IO should they refused to accept the creation of 28 States


Anonymous says that Gen. Paul Malong has been back and forth in his home state by convincing Gelweeng, Wetku Bany and and Mathiang Anyoor to be ready for the last round of what they were created for. Malong is on the mission that “Nuer are not welcome in Juba” according to anonymous sources. He says Malong was on the rally last week and made it clear that we must prevent Riek Machar to come back to Juba

During the closed-door meeting held in the presidential office in J1, Malong clearily stated to Salva Kirr that “I do not want to see Riek Machar face to face” and that “Nor do I want to see any of his generals being intergrated into SPLA” then, Salva Kirr was left speechless and later tell Malong that “I do not want to die”.


However, Malong insisted that he is mobilizing all his forces to make sure that Riek is not set put in Juba.




  1. That will be an heart ❤ break from Dr Riek Machar and his die-hard supporters later tomorrow when they gonna to receive such bad leaked news from reliable source in juba. South Sudan under
    leadership of Salva Kiir is thirsty with blood still.God save south Sudan from the hand of merciless tribalist leader.

  2. I think Malong and his Mathiang Anyoor or what soever know very well if not SPLA-IO do respect the Internatuonal Community, IGAD Plus Dr.Machar could have been in Juba after 15/12/2013 immediately and no one, no body can stop him from being there.

  3. I felt so ashamed of malong stated this statement.. One tribe made a mistake which took everyone to the death row for no Dam good reason can’t you Seattle down and keep citizens happy for once beside your self. Shut that big mouth and protect all citizens no one deserves death in a wrong way.

  4. Malong justice ring thic marial chinung
    Thus three people if they are still in juba the peace will never never been in heart of people they were created fighting in south Sudan their ideas they don’t see Nuer in south Sudan always trainer militias in three state of barghazal told them our enemies are Nuer is not riek machar only but for all Nuer

  5. Gen. It is time for peace and reconciliation. No more suffering and death of innocent ones from poor family. Non of your childern nor for Dr.Riak that has or will participated….no way for hatred n yes for peace n reconciliation.

    Long live my people
    Long live South Sudan

  6. Never for war malong people are getting finished mr general you need to be serious on peace and reconciliation for betterment of south sudanese regardless of their religion, tribes, gender please value humanity instead of position. God for as all never kill south sudanese, abyei question is an solve this time for peace not war.

  7. Let the selfish thinkers like that of Paul Malong be downed by all citizen and be out our peace implementation process.None of his family member are not in war victims.Let him wait for his dictator act questions to answer to the International community!

  8. Ok Salva don’t want died . either to leave the country or implement the peace by accepting the advance team from SPLA IO and guarantee their protection. Also to reverse the creation of 28 states.

  9. Dear:
    GCd of SPLA/M in government /juba.
    what I like to say is that peace is for all of us.
    And war for you who says that no coming of rable/IO Splm because is the way you got money, in war ,if you need onec of them kill ‘one in your meeting ad aba to stop war and than you come with peace only not money.

  10. Guel wang، Dutkubany and Mathiang anyoor know us. There’s no need for threaten ya zifty Malong! Believe it، if”world could accepted terorising to leave peace and gave us chance; with in less than 2days Lang community can reached Warrap as soon and get back with your head cut off.Leave your none sense promise،no more death time for peace.

  11. Gen King Paul Malong was right if the state was really from reliable source coz Riek Machar and his stupid tribe mate Nuer understand only gun and bullet but not words therefore we Citizens of South Sudan are tired of Riek and Nuer and Malong might be right to issued such a threat.

  12. lets Riek not come to Juba but the rest of my brothers from Nuer who were misled by Riek should come back to South Sudan because others were fearing death that led them to go with Riek Machar. forgiveness is ever there and that,s why God forgives those who have sinned against him

  13. The South Sudanese Government, Interletures, Religious people, Youth, Women and the People of the Country (Fellow Citizens) should believe in God.
    Should know Jesus Christ Son of God died for us as a sign of Loving one another.
    Killing will not result us good people before God.
    In Jesus Name Amen.

  14. You people who keep lying in the social media are the enemies of the peace, love, and development of South Sudan, where did you learn this nonesene. Please stay away from dragging my beloved people into sensless war. Why did you they Riek could have taken Juba? You missed one one point James Hoth did not want to find Nuer-youth and that was a reason white arm overran the SPLA. Above all, I need to stop lying on the internet , please!

  15. War mongers like paul malong and his jieng elders will soon and very soon catch fire. Not only from the Nuer tribe but the rest of the tribes they are always slaughtering every night like animals in juba. I swear the leaving God.

  16. First able, who is Pual Malong? Why he is threading people. And SPLA army is belong to South Sudan not to Malong properties. However, issue of peace we people of South Sudan we need peace not war. If we need to live in peace as people of South Sudan, let’s respect one another,so if we need south Sudan to be like Somalia we ready. How many years we have been in war 50 years, we tired of war. This country not just for Dinka,and Nuer. How many tribes in south Sudan

  17. it is very unfortunate people still did not learned the destruction of self created war, if true general must stop incitement people to go for more destructive war, enough is enough we need peace.

    • We need to respond in positive way if we want peace in South Sudan. Mathiang Anyaar are there to defend the country against the decisively enemies of peace in South Sudan.

  18. i believe there is nothing wrong with what Malong is asking or preparing to do. Riek Machar is a man if his own Ego not even his fellow Nuer people like him, he is a generation killer, he deserve to die to free to south sudan from all this mess. i don’t want Malong to kill but his fellow Nuer who will cremate him like an animal

  19. there is no reason for us south Sudanese to ourselves, and by the way Malong is very good and honors person in south Sudan. Malong is doing that because he wanted to protect SPLM-io delegations in cease there might be people who had plan of not allow peace to come to the people of south Sudan. Let us advocate for peace not enmity. May God blessed south Sudanese.

  20. Those are nonsense,Dr.Riek will come to Juba soon and he (Malong) will celebrate it whether Malong like or not.SS is not for Malong alone.

  21. when are we going to be free and enjoy ourself in this country if we are meding all of fighting and forget about peace, better than forgetting about tribulisim

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