Government’s Operation Wipeout focuses on Magwi County of EES

BY JUSTIN S KWAJE, Nov 29, 2015

South Sudan Eastern Equatoria State. (Photo: Supplied)


Reports from the ground in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State, indicates worrisome developments, reveals the south Sudan’s Chief of General staff Paul Malong Awan has deployed to the Ma’di corridor, Magwi county, more than three battalions of SPLA mainly irregular forces, collections from a section of Dinka Bahr el Ghazal, the home state of Malong and President Kiir. The notorious militias, also known as the Presidential guards, which carry the worst track records of human rights abuse in the young nation, topped of the regiments.

The absence of Equatorian among the heavily deployed SPLA-Juba, mainly from Dinka ethnic groups, who has had a very poor relations with the Madi people, are dispatched to the villages of  Moli, Pageri and Opari, Magwi County, EES, raising serious concerns and many critical unanswered questions. This in itself sets up a volcanic situation that can explode at any time. Many critics believe it is another terrible miscalculations for Malong and Kiir.

From a reliable source, Paul Malong brought some of these soldiers directly from Bahr el Ghazal and topped up their numbers with the presidential guards unit, which were directly involved for igniting what is now known as the Black December 2013.

The most alarming news is the explicit instructions Paul Malong gave to this tribal Militia as they were dispatched to the Ma’di coridor.  South Sudan liberty news sadly learnt that Paul Malong ordered and instructed the militias deployed in Ma’di corridor to “kill any thing moving even Chickens”.

As previously reported this was named “Operation Wipe Out “meant to teach lessons to the rest of Greater Equatoria that is boiling with dissatisfactions and picking up arms in every corners of the region.

Our informant within the rank of south Sudan’s SPLA, said the news has drawn anger and disbelieve among Equatorian Generals in the ranks of the SPLA and they were deeply disturbed. It is their believes that the deployment order for the operation wipe out if  not withhold will prompt huge defections from the government side to the rebels, this then will return the country to all out civil war.

Our local sources within the army said when the news was dispatched to spiritual leaders in Juba to include Bishop Paride Taban who then hurriedly went to Pageri to defuse the situations between the warring parties. He expressed urgent need to preach peace in order to deescalate the volatile situation from exploding.

The source stated the retired Bishop Paride, who has good relations with, the diehard Catholic, president Kiir, urged the Commanders in Charge of the regiment in Magwi County, to protect civilians while he urges the residents to work for peace not war.

But his message has missed its objective because the civilians are not armed and have no affiliation to any rebel groups how can they enforce peace?

It is believed that had it not been for the involvements of Spiritual leaders in Juba to include the urgings of Emiratus Bishop Paride Taban, Ethnic Cleansing and genocide could have taken place in the Ma’di Corridor by now as the soldiers pose ready to strike. This news site has learnt the situation is still tense as phone lines were jammed so that the outside world could not hear what is happening.

By all indications Magwi County is still at a volatile stand off, a very high risk for genocide given the Presidential guards are the very same one that is accused of ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in Juba. These unit are heard communicating among themselves even as they are deployed in Magwi County only in Dinka language only to just drive home the point that these is a tribal deployment rather than one with national interest.

We call upon IGAD plus to be watchful and urge Kiir to avoid other miscalculations by deploying his kins in volatile regions that is already angered by displacements and their land occupations by the Dinka, who claim the land and refused to be called IDP.

Malignant Paul Malong must be held accountable for any killings of civilians in Magwi County. It should be recalled that, In Yambio, he ordered his soldiers to shoot to Kill. Paul Malong should resign for indoctrinating his soldiers to kill civilians instead of upholding their constitutional mandate to protect those they took oaths to serve not to kill.

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  1. CONCERN citizens of south Sudan, lets admit that we leave by people and the country belongs to the citizens and now if we feel other citizens are not to live than others then why should we call our selves one nation, God should intervene our situation, remember no one is an island.. remain focused our leaders.

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