Lou Nuer Community in Juba has call upon all Nuer Communities to name the betrayers

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November 30, 2015


Lou-Nuer Community commemorate the one year anniversary in UNMISS camps across the country
Nov 30, 2015 The Greater Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council in Juba’ UNMISS PoCs have composed, pile up, and confirmed this list of personalities by names and perspectives. It was after a thorough reflection amongst the Lou-Nuer community in Juba’s UNMISS camp that our designated leadership came up with this statement. The people whom their names listed below are not any longer recognizing as part and parcels of the greater Lou-Nuer Community because of how they choose to be.

These individuals overlooked themselves to be a part of Lou-Nuer community in whatsoever the tie when they choose money in expense of their own kinds. This record has in it the realities attributed at those individual as a flaw throughout the two years running bloodiest conflicts in South Sudan.

Therefore, we are intended to discharge this statement so that, Lou-Nuer Community Leadership of different organized groups have to also take the same bolt action looking upon to those blood-suckers . Purposely, we would like to publish their names and tutor our community members in distance about these unwanted Lou-Nuer elements.

Following this preliminary release, we’ll urge our fellows’ community to study the list and reflect at individual’s accomplished deeds so far you all knows them. We mean these are the members of our community who have been lingering allied to Salva Kiir’s genocidal government for two years. They are the ones aimlessly involved in a series of human rights violation against their own mothers, children, wives and relatives whom they left in particularly, the Lou-Nuer land. They have differently did so straight and circuitously to our people and the mission that have perished lives of over twenty (20,000) innocent Nuer. Thus, we the Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council in the UNMISS camps of Juba; it is our duty to collect, compile, keep their records and displays them to you the beloved Lou-Nuer community so that we get better knowledge of their particularities. And, we did so because, in Juba, IDPs are the ones who have witnessed all their actual deeds.

Note: For the reason of credibility to this work, Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council would also like to welcome all of your comments, correction, and contribution because the list is to continue. We urge that, every one of our community has that chance to make correction in a sense that, all the Lou-Nuer community members in Juba who are staying inside the town whilst pursuing their opportunities with various Humanitarian Organizations or Private Companies are not included in this collection.

For that reason, any name of any individual person which you know and, that might be built-in mistakenly amongst these names, please communicates to us and it will be removing. We advise you to use the only Lou-Nuer Forum in communication pertained to these names. This is because, it is not the final.

S/No Name in full
1 Hon. Dr. Riek Gai Khok Diang
2 Hon. Kuony War Jock
3 Hon. Dr. Marial Benjamin Bilual
4 Hon. John Jok Chuol Lham
5 Hon. Gatluak Ruon Nyuot
6 Hon. Ruot Mayian Tut
7 Hon. Nyaluach Tap
8 Hon. Timothy Taban Juch Duol-nyok
9 Hon. Nyang Chuol Dhuor
10 Hon. Simon Mabor Bol
11 Hon. Chol Luak Khok Diang
12 Hon. Kutin Giel
13 Hon. Amalde Mote ( wife of Peter Gatkuoth Gual)
14 Hon. Thijin Banak Monyruor
15 Hon. Rachael Nyadak Paul
16 Hon. Nyayang Lok Rik
17 Hon. Ruot Koryom Gar
18 Hon. Giel War Their
19 Hon. Jock Banyhok Madiang
20 Hon. Kuach Duoth Ker
21 Hon. Kot Martin ((Kot Mirich Teny)
22 Hon. Gabriel Gai Riam Wechtuor
23 Hon. Yien Bilieth Deng
24 Hon. Chuol Rambang Luoth
25 Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Biliew
26 Maj. Gen. Yoal Bath Dhoal Bany
27 Maj. Gen. Peter Bol Kong Nguth
28 Maj. Gen. Lual Chuol Dol Thian
29 Maj. Gen. Yien Makuach Mut Malual
30 Brigadier. Gen. Doyak Chuol Dol Thian
31 Brigadier. Gen. Lul Ruach Kong
32 Brigadier. Gen. Gatluak Reath Kuin
33 Brigadier Gen. Bol Wakow
34 Brigadier. Gen. Mabil Chuol Thiang
37 Col. Majiok Gatluak Thow Kuny
38 Col. Chuol Piak Jalah
39 Col. Dak Chuong Dol
40 Col. Tut Wechtuor Dok
41 Lt, Col. Chuol Nguth Gatkal
42 Lt, Col. Ruot Chuong Gatkuoth
43 Col. Paul Puok Kuon
44 1st, Lt. Kulang Mut Wieh
45 Lt, Col. Gatwech Gang Lual Thian
49 Lt,Col. Ruot Chuong Gatkuoth
50 Lt, Col. Nyang Lam Wel
51 Lt,Col. Doyak Chagor Yuekhor
52 Lt, Col. Chot Buom Mok Yat
53 Lt, Col. Gatbel Toang
54 Col. Joseph Keat Koat
55 Major. Gach Panoam Duoth
56 Major. David Dak Thot Nyabang
57 Capt. Chuol Thot Nyabang
58 Capt. Gatkuoth Makuach Mut
59 Capt. Changkuoth Luak Khok Diang
60 1st,Lt. Mat Chuol Wanjang
61 Capt. Lok Ruachbang Khok Diang
62 1st,Lt. Dobuol Wan Wuol
63 1st,Lt. Gatkuoth Kun Lham
64 1st,Lt. Taban Kun Lham
65 1st,Lt. Wiyual Gatkuoth Changath Matweang
66 Lt, Gatwech Mawaw Ruadel
67 Lt. col.Thok Kier Khok Diang
67 2nd Lt, Deng Banang Gatkuoth
69 2nd, Lt, Koang Riek Pathot Tiit
70 2nd, Lt. Majiok Lual Rik
71 Lt. Col. Lual Machar Malual
72 1st, Lt. Chuol Thichuong Ruea
73 1st, Lt, Gony Machot Chuol
73 Maj. Gatreak Dak Wuor Kumach
75 Maj. Tot Monyong Garang
76 Revd. Paul Bol Kuel
79 Capt. Gai Dual Bukjiok
80 1st, Lt, Gatkuoth Juet Jock Kuenywar
81 Ruot Biel Duot
82 John Jock Majiok
83 Yien Kalang
84 Gatwech Peter Gatkuoth Gual
85 John Wiyual Koang Puot
86 Ato. Moses Chuol Lul Kueth
87 Dobuol Gai Ruea
88 Kim Gai Ruea
89 Ruot Wuor Ker
90 Tut Lam Kier Khok Diang
91 Bol Nyangune Kier Khok Diang
92 Gatwech Kun Rik
93 Nyewal Ruot Bidit
94 Chuol Pathot Jal Mum
95 Jambo William Nyuon
96 Kuony Kueth Luak Lath
97 Gebrial Gatluak Yat Tut
98 Makuey Koryom Chung Wechtuor
99 Duop Roam Kok
100 Gatbel Tunguar Bithow
101 May Gatkuoth Chan
102 Khan Yiey Tudeal
103 1st, Lt. Duoth Both
104 1st, Lt. Reath Gony Gai Chat
105 Duoth Doyak Wel
106 Reath Jock Kong Lam
107 Tut Puot Monytuil
108 Tut Chai Rik
109 Tayin Khok Diang
110 Ruey Mading Wal
111 Reat Gatkuoth Both
112 John Deng Reth
113 Dak Wal Ngeach
114 Bile Bol Wuol
115 Dak Thuok Nyoach Diang
116 Chuol Both Makuach
117 Pal Yak Khor
118 Gatwech Dual Riek
119 Peter Gatkuoth Mathiang
120 Chuol Walhoak Tutjiek
121 Kuem Mayom Jal
122 Ker Mayom Jal
123 Gatwech Pur Dup
124 Nyuot Tap Nyuot
125 Deng Win Dak
126 Both Hoth Goi
127 Ruot Biel Duot
128 Toach Gach Khok Diang
129 Kom Yoal Both
130 Panom Gatluak Dayom
131 Sobat Yoal Bath
132 Yien Wiyuat Liem
133 Gatwech Mahow Ruadel
134 Peter Yiek Kuel
135 Bol Chuol Thuok
136 Makuer Khor Deng
137 Kumai Deng
138 Elis Nyayang Gatkuoth
139 Pal Nhier Wechtuor
140 Tot Banguot Deng
142 Makuach Dieng Lith
142 Biel Ruot
143 Babuony Malual Thanypiny
144 Gatluak Chuol
145 Nyang Gatluak
146 Mabil Kuot
147 Kulang Tariep
148 Pal Chuol Nyan
149 Khok Chuol Nyan
150 Jany Wuyuat Liem
The authors of this press release can be reached at makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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