South Sudan Court is at war with President Kirr


Juba, South Sudan high Court decrees Salva Kirr’s 28 States as unconstitutional.

It was on October 2, 2015 when Salva Kirr air out his own decree creating 28 States that will give his Dinka 46% of the geographical land mark of South Sudan. As of now Salva Kirr’ Dinka covered only 25% of the Landmark of the Country.


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  1. South Sudan high Court has no capacity to reject or repealed presidential decrees because it’s not its juresdiction as far as the laws of south Sudan is concern and in accordance to south Sudan supreme law the high court is at the state level headed by state high president which is the senior magistrate of the state whilst the court that has capacity to such a matters is a constitutional court (court of appeal) headed by DCJ. I Therefore like to legally correct the writer of this article that high Court in south Sudan is responsible for the states level certiorarai writs or appeals, but not at national levels. The case of 28 states which filed by opposition parties against government was adjourned due to the fact that the appeal court judges were all in the workshop this was released by the lawyer of the opposition counsel Agok Makur Kur yesterday evening on VOA focus on South Sudan. Africa press should first collect correct informations before releasing unfounded information that are likely to create unnecessary noxious atmosphere.

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