Breaking News: Lou Nuer Youth are on high alert for imenent attack by David Yau Yau and Murle Youths


Waat, Bieh State, Lou Nuer Youths are on high alert for imminent attack by David Yau Yau and Murle Youths. A source reveal to Africans Press from Waat that Lou Nuer Youths are on high alert after three differences attacked in the last three weeks in Nyirol County that left five people dead. Intelligence from Lou Nuer Youths confirmed to Africans Press that David Yau Yau’s forces along with Murle youths are in and arouns all route from Akoba to Waat, from Chuil to Lankien which is  Nyirol County and in and around Yuai areas of Uror County respectively.

Lou Nuer

Also in Juba, Africans Press learned that David Yau Yau, on his returning from Middle East last months was given a priority by President Salva Kirr with over 6000 weapons and ammunitions to make sure that Lou Nuer Youths are busy in the coming dry season as a distraction of implementation of Peace process.


Juba organizes a forces of 6,000 strong Murle Youths to carrying an overrun attack on Lou Nuer areas. the Intentions by Juba is that they qant Lou Nuer to react aggressively so that they will claims that Lou Nuer are the one who start the fight



  1. let them try if they needed another disaster from Murle land, so Lou Nuer Land is free from tribal, illiterate regime, however, if Murle will miss calculate it as they have been attacking Lou Nuer territory, then Lou Nuer Youth would definitely match them n pursue them deeply to their last destination.

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