Breaking News In Juba: Multiple Sources confirmed the shoting everywhere in Juba

Tiger Battalion soldiers in Juba

Juba – A heavy fighting have been reported in Juba among the government’s Tiger battalion unit in Jebel area of Juba city.

According to sources contacted by Wangdunkon Media, the fighting erupted at around 12:30pm when a soldier angered with his colleagues and shot him dead on spot, triggering the division of the soldiers in the area and the fighting erupted.

Civilians in Jebel went under beds as bullets hisses around the residences for couple of minutes. The same sources said the fighting has stopped but with “absolutely no predictability of the situation”

“The current Tiger Battalion is not like the trained one of before. they are just group of youths collected from the villages in Bahr el Gazel and covered with military uniforms and armed with guns. They don’t have military disciplines whatsoever with them and they can easily break up on some minor issues and fight” ~ The source which prepared anonymity explained when asked about what could be the cause of the fighting

Wangdunkon Media is closely following the situation in Juba through sources and may updates the public for any latest on this.


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