Cardinal Wako to Kiir, Machar: Where is peace?


The President of Sudan and South Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Gabriel Cardinal Zubier Wako, says South Sudanese leaders should implement their promises of peace.

Cardinal Wako says President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar have been declaring they want peace, but are yet to implement the pledge.

“When either of them is asked, they profess to be working for peace and that they want peace and they don’t want war and all these sorts of things. But it is the same thing if you declare before the nation that this is what you are going to do, then do it,” cardinal Wako told Eye Radio.

“It is bad when top people of that level declare things and don’t put them into practice – like Riek Machar talking about he wants reforms, and reforms and reforms… did he learn that anything can be reformed by war?” He said.

“Well we hear their declaration, but declaration by itself does not help us.”

Cardinal Wako also urged the government to combat corruption, nepotism and tribalism in South Sudan.

He came to Juba last week at the invitation of cultural groups and the government and returned to Khartoum this morning.

The cardinal has been honored for his outstanding role in educating nearly two million displaced children from Southern Sudan during the war with Khartoum.


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