President Salva Kiir should arrest the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) as a positive gesture for peace!


President Salva Kiir should arrest the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) as a positive gesture for peace!

By Wilson Mading Koc, Juba, South Sudan

Riiny Thiik

December 8, 2015 (SSB)  —-  I commend the President of the RSS Gen: Salva Kiir for his courage and resilience to have signed the Comprehensive Peace (Otherwise known as Peace on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan),

You must however be on the look-out as Dr Riek comes in, his camp is delusional and still believes they were not beaten in war theatre and this could trigger another wave of violence in the future.

You have done well again by ensuring the arrival of former detainees, because when you have them America is back to talking terms with you, and when America is back you will have done away with international conspiracy against you and your government in one go.

FDs may not have a force known to them on the ground but they have the machination to bring this country crumbling down. Diplomatic clamour is with them and the world pays attention when they talk.

Mama Rebecca Nyandeng too, is to be contained she has a direct line with White House and the State Department, keep her close to you, she is a loose cannon, but can help in bringing back this country to a positive spot light.

Sir, let no man lie to you these guys have connections and are deeply entrenched in the west. Anytime you keep distance from them, they will plot to give you a sleepless night.

While still charitable with you Mr. President, I have a request/appeal to make, please! ARREST all the Jieng Council of elders even if it means accusing them of plotting a coup, so be it.

These dinosaurs have disconcerted the whole Monyjang community for the good things we stand for as a unit in the Republic of South Sudan. Jieng is supposed to be reaching out to other communities such as Shuluks, Zande, Murle, Anyuak,and all the 64 nations of South Sudan.

Instead these bunches of hateful are exposing us in bad light.

Comrade President, if you closely look at this group. it’s  mostly made up of long time Khartoum’s allies, they have no love lost for this country…they sold this country for a plate of breakfast before…they dined and wined with the enemy at times when South Sudan was writhing in pain.

This forum is important to them because (1) they want to redeemed themselves of their past mistakes and (2) Make themselves relevant to their brothers (Dinkas) who suffered in the bush for 21 years, under the guise that they have the needed experience to bail us out of the current political turmoil. (3) It’s a scheme with a sole aim of making financial benefit..

They are evil, instead their activities are attracting more enemies then friends. The time to incarcerate them is now!

As you rein your wrath on them Sir, don’t forget to bring along Cornelius Koryom, he is one idiot that has made 10 million of us become beggars in our own country.

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