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Endless bombing in Syria! Will the war in Syria end with World War Three? That is the question everyone would love not to discuss especially those powerless as considered to be. Let us be realistic enough to prophesy the disaster may befallen mankind if the war in Syria happens to escalate. The worst case scenario is the way Donald Trump seems to make it look racial; Muslims vs. Christians. Donald is known of saying anything in the America politic.

If the war in Syria evolves into something racial, we shall witness still one of the foulest war of destruction the world have ever come across. Third World War will set the pro-Zionists against Muslims. No one wished that to happen.

The recent campaign by Paris to gather allies for the last war of Armageddon came not so surprising. Whoever is involves in bombing the extremists group in Syria can only physically bombs but not going to bombs out the Ideology inside them. If that cannot solves the terrorists’ disease, then, our world must invent dissimilar ways of bringing to an end the most threatening phobia of our time.

Our world should adopt new technological order to deal with the ideologies which blow themselves up in hotels and feel nothing bad had happened. This kind of ideology which encourage young people blowup themselves and feel nothing at all cannot come to an end by using practical method like bombing them. Categorically, it will or may increase the spirit of the hostilities inside them. Like what Guevara said, the cowards can only kills a body of a man but not the idea. Yet we haven’t learn from this truth.

Now China’s ability to introduced soft power in Africa could be a massive solution to low self-esteem Africans who look down upon their capabilities. America choose hard power to conquer the world, but China is using money to empower despite taking her money back in triplet. After all beggars don’t have a say. China came to Africa with money instead of guns unlike West previously had done so and slowly by slowly China is conquering the world.

China will one day uproot America-Africa interrelation and planted it somewhere beyond the coast line of Chinese borders. The different is this, Obama came to Africa twice preaching a man should sleep with another man. China went to South Africa pledging billions of dollars to builds Africa.

Perhaps Africans should consider an invitation letter of marriage from Robert Mugabe to Obama, if at all nothing wrong with that. Africa doesn’t need the ideology of men sleeping with other men rather tangible things like teaching them to builds roads by themselves-if at all it make sense. The idea of men sleep with other men is a personal choice.

China see the others part of the world as abundance source of materials. Americans thought by injecting a lot of capital into the Chinese economic will do away with socialism. But with the Chinese narrow eyes, they see it as an opportunity to zoom the attitude of West and finally resurrected themselves! The sleeping giant awaken.

I will not get convince, simply because Chinese population is more than 1 or something billion means they love sex. Rather the Chinese habit of eating “anything moving” is a great method against hunger. The snake in the Garden of Eden in this age would have not attempt such a trick. It can find itself somewhere near the onions and tomatoes. A great meal for romantic family in China.

No wonder there still no reports of China experiencing food problem. Japanese too using Nano technology turns human waste into a very sweet cake for romantic vacation.

Perhaps, Obama was a shamed when he landed on one of the best Africa constructed airport by Chinese in Ethiopia and ride on smooth built road by Chinese and address the Africa Union in a building constructed by Chinese still. The question is, what have America ever done to Africa rather than their hypocrite democratic ideology. They asks Africans to be multi-partisan but there is only two presidential parties in US since time immemorial; republican and democrat. Well, the West’s democratic ideology isn’t bad, it is the desire for all human being to be free. Africans decided not to listen because they sleep in houses with no light, clean waters. No food, an empty stomach groaned. So how do you expect them to listen to the lecture concerning democracy?

The logic is very simple and adoptable. You don’t beat a child to removes h/her stupidity. West should not campaign to physically bomb ISIS just like Africans who have been asking for someone to teach them how to fish but no one is providing such. No one want a person who kills an innocent person but does our attitude towards such an ideology change anything worthy. To stop more problems, let Donald vow to stop asking Arabs to accept the installation of Democracy-you will see wonders!

This take us back.

The recent Turkish downed of a Russia jet-fighter doesn’t need an international expert to conclude the disaster behind such a reckless behavior from Ankara. The force which is remote controlling Turkish in an attempt to fuel the NATO-Russia tension is worse calculated formula of all times. It will starts with Russia economic sanction against Turkey. The hand that fuel the crisis still in her bed somewhere across the oceans. Though Russia at first thought, crossing into someone territory will earns her an ice creams. Not in this age, big brother.

At this points of the year, Russia should calculate the series behind the phenomenon they are dealing with. This people are ideologies fighters not just a terrorists. The excuse used by Turkey when they downed Russia plane was, they bombs terrorists in our territory. What does this means? It means, Russia should in future face possible action against her plane passing 1.5 miles in 11 seconds into Turkey territory in the name of fighting terrorists. For any repetition of the last month actions, Russia would retaliate causing NATO to response in “do unto other what you would love other do unto you.”

The preeminent remedy for this ideologists disease is, don’t physically fight a man’s ideology but use another philosophy as an alternative. Physical aggressiveness is the worse method mankind are unable to put aside. It had been in use for centuries yet it just cause millions death, destruction of properties and so on.

Should it cease to exist the better we are. The world should introduce a better system in fighting ideologists than physically bombing them. Such will cause huge displacement of people who in turns runs to Europe for safety and seek a better living. Turning their homes into a massive football field for machines retaliation will never bring forth the solution people are seeking. If there is anything our world should avoid, is war in the name of the religion.rus

In return, Russia-

West’s confusion will continue to try curing the symptoms not the cause. That will be an endless bombing in Syria. The ideologists fighters in Syria will be defeated of course but they will find their new home in Africa. Evolution, trying to solve the same problem using the same mind that created. Huh!

They will take full control of northern Africa, escalate to Horn of Africa and possibly mid-West Africa. Another chaos in Africa worse than poverty and diseases. I don’t wish that to happens, endless bombing in Syria will scatter the IS to Africa, the continent known for not solving her problems.

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