Paul Malong is Back. In Juba, Malong orders to shutdown any airplanes travelling to IO areas


Paul Malong rushed to Bilpam today to ordered all SPLA-D to shutdown any aircrafts traveling to SPLM-IO areas.

a source revealed that Along was directed by Salva Kirr that there are some NGOs who are working to destroyed South Sudan. He is reportedly not happy the way UNIMISS is running its affairs.

Malong accuses UNIMISS as an agent to destroyed Kirr’s government and warns if they continues as they are, they will leave South Sudan.



  1. why the gvt is delaying expulsion of this fake org unmiss .

    gvt is committed to implementing the CPA while the unmiss is busy arming the rebels and recruiting more fighters in rebels camps.

    unmiss must leave now

  2. That is the acts of dictatorship. I do not think Riek Machar will despute Paul Malong his order because IO and government are playing role that will not benefits South Sudanese inocents.

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