Human tragedy South Sudan: the suffering of the Nuer people of South sudan

nuer suffering

“I carried Chuol on my shoulders for seven days. He cannot keep anything in, even water. I don’t have the money to take him to hospital.”

Geng and his sick son Chuol were among a group of 31 who recently fled from Mayendit – an area in South Sudan’s Unity State on the brink of one of the world’s worst hunger crises. During the flight he was separated from his wife and three other children. “I don’t know where my wife is and she doesn’t know where I am.”

Geng used to farm and grow his own food. As the conflict raged on for more than two years and with no humanitarian agencies being able to freely operate in Mayendit, he lost his only means of livelihood and survived on wild plants and swamp fish. In mid-November, extreme hunger forced the family to leave and look for safety in Rumbek, the capital of Lakes State. We provide displaced people who reach Rumbek with what they need to set up a temporary home: pots, plates, plastic sheeting for shelter, blankets, sleeping mats, water cans and mosquito nets.

But we cannot yet access the places where they are coming from and we’re expecting many more hungry people to make the journey in the coming weeks.



  1. This is report is a biased and was written by Dinka’s regime agents. Very erroneous report as there is no single Nuer to travel from Mayiandit to Rumbek which is the enemy town. Therefore, an hungry person cannot manage to travel from Mayiandit passing Panyijiar to Rumbek. What the erroneous propagandist!!!!!.

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