Breaking News: Obama and Susan Rice were crying today on Second year of Nuer massacred


US ally of Kiir was reportedly crying today as a look back for her support to Salva Kir. It was report that Sudan was crying and asked herself, how did ” support this things in first place” Susan Rice Denounces South Sudan president calling him “the murderous President of 21 century”

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Until now she had been a key advocate of a ‘soft approach’ towards Salva Kiir’s administration.

United States National Security Advisor Susan Rice, long regarded as a key backer of the South Sudan government, denounced President Salva Kiir on Thursday and challenged the legitimacy of his rule.
Four years later, those happy memories are a horrifying reminder of all that has been lost, says Rice.

United States National Security Advisor Susan Rice, long regarded as a key backer of the South Sudan government, denounced President Salva Kiir on Thursday and challenged the legitimacy of his rule.

The South Sudan head of state as well as rebel leader Riek Machar “and their cronies are personally responsible for this new war and self-inflicted disaster,” Ms Rice declared on the occasion of the ravaged country’s fourth anniversary of independence.

She was speaking via a video message released by the White House on the occasion of South Sudan’s independence anniversary.

“It breaks my heart to see what South Sudan has become today,” Ms Rice lamented.

She recalled attending the 2011 independence celebrations in Juba with her 13-year-old son.

“I remember the hope and unity of that day — the promise of a new beginning for you, who had suffered so much and persevered for so long,” Ms Rice continued in comments directed to the people of South Sudan. “Four years later, those happy memories are a horrifying reminder of all that has been lost.”

The key White House advisor to President Barack Obama had earlier acted as an influential outside advocate in pressing the Bush administration to support an independent South Sudan.

The United States did invest considerable diplomatic and financial resources in helping engineer the 2005 agreement that resulted in the breakup of Sudan and creation of a new state with its capital in Juba.

Appalling crimes

As a leading member of the Obama administration, Ms Rice had reportedly favoured a soft approach toward the government headed by Mr Kiir.

She resisted appeals from US allies as well as from Secretary of State John Kerry and Washington’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power to support an arms embargo against South Sudan, according to a report last January in the online journal Foreign Policy.

That story added, “An arms embargo, Rice believes, would undermine a democratically elected government’s ability to defend itself against an insurgency led by Kiir’s former vice-president, Riek Machar.”

But in her comments on Thursday, Ms Rice is unsparing in her criticisms of both belligerents.

“The government and rebels are committing appalling crimes against innocent women, children, and the elderly,” she declares. “And only leaders on both sides can end this violence. Yet, President Kiir and Riek Machar would rather haggle over personal power and wealth than agree on solutions.”

Ms Rice also charged that “the government has abdicated its responsibilities, failed to protect its citizens and squandered its legitimacy.”



  1. why he crying for the south Sudanese was killing themselves because of his own ideas. why he should crying for hundreds of thousands African was killed by American ideologies
    making a Chisholm test in the part of Africa countries. why he should for results of making or forming ISIS in the Iraq and other countries was killed many many of millions of people who are killed by a Obama administration

  2. They had no chance to cry meanwhile they are one making this war to take long period of time
    Kiir regime have kills 20,000 lives of in nonsense civilians because they are Nuer .
    So it can not be supported by wise full leader like
    Obama and susan rice.

  3. the women is shading a crocodile tears, in the term of fact she is happy with what is going on in our country she is vandal women.

  4. The killing of innocents NUER civilians in Juba on 15th-18th December 2013 by Kirr regime is a Obama and Susan Rice interest or American interest that left almost 29.000 innocents live from one tribe called (NUER). Now I see Obama and Susan Rice crying for what what’s that crying mean to NUER people? The answer is nothing just like watching deadly scary movie and mourns for it after you finish watching it you forgot about what you been watching and not even care. That’s like killer Obama and killer Susan Rice the mourning of NUER nation to day in the whole world is a favorite show to Killer Obama and killer Susan Rice, we will never forget what Obama and Susan Rice plus John Kerry did to NUER we will never forget what American government did to NUER for supporting kirr to killed Nuer for American interest. Obama is a first dump black president in American history. Susan Rice she is first dump US national security advisor in American history. The death of innocents NUER people or their bloods is on Obama and Susan Rice heads forever until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. God his witness between Nuer nation and these two killers Obama and Susan Rice. Amen.

  5. The killing of South Sudanese innocent peoples people was started in 2013 during the victim war led by Leader Riek upto this year 2015 around the Newry Country South Sudan,in the neighbouring Country like Kenya,Uganda,R.O.Congo,Centre Africa Republic,there are almosty 800,000 South Sudanese Refuges who fled the Country by the killing of innocent Civillians. alot of childrens and women were dying in the bush by hungry.

  6. The Fact is known but still the world still do nothing to Salva kiir Government.
    why US government to cry rather to intervene deeply by stopping this murderous regime in Juba? Salva Kiir have the master plan to clean all nuer tribe in South Sudan but God had is own plan to save his people. that is why you can see these few remain Nuer now are alive. VICTORY IS CERTAINS!

  7. If obama adminisration know that nuer were really killed and mascared why they don,t take action instead of always blaming both parties.

  8. Hey before you start blaming Obama and Susan Rice,the Dinkas would have finished the Nuer if it was not because of are these two individuals a cost to this current war in the country.

  9. we all lost the beloved one for the two people interest and their influential on us but most victim know nothing about the two leaders.secondly non of the majorities talking about Kiir and Riek whether nuer or dinka and also supporting them in helping them achieving their personal goals in which not all of us will enjoy their political wills and position .my personals worry is if dinka and nuer or us in short continue with these barbaric supporting the wrong person for being our tribe mate we will all extinct and our country will be invaded by the neighboring foreign nation who are supporting the two different hearten president.i want to say that nuer and dinka are the heart of this nation and if we finish ourselves south sudan will not be south sudan.i have learned one things in which you might also learned in your thinking perhaps if all nuers kill dinkas and the country remain with them they will still split themselves and kills themselves nuer with nuer and if the dinkas kill nuers the same will happens.i know the dor only fuels the problem between dinka and nuers but in action non.

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