Gen. Peter Gatdet: Peace while Salva Kirr is a President is a no peace and called up on all South Sudanese

gatdet_yaka_shaking_hands_b_taban.jpgGen. peter Gatdet call up on all South Sudanese to remembered the dead of Salva Kirr’s Dec. 15, 203  massacred of the Nuer people.

Gen. Gatdet also reiterated his called to all South Sudanese to disown President Kirr for the peace to come to South Sudan. Gen. Peter Gatdet says that any peace that included Salva Kirr is a called for 20 years war and a war that will divided South Sudanese for a centuries to come.

Gatdet said,”We rather reconcile now then trying when it is already too late, we rather give peace a chance then divided to us more, we rather let Salva Kirr go then keeping him to divided us more. South Sudan is belong to us together and therefore, its does not need Salva Kirr any more” he said




  1. Dear Patriots.

    The SPLM/A/SPLMA-IO and SPLM/A G10, are playing colonialism games of divide and rule to avoid South Sudanese of charging them with the crimes they have inflicted into the the country and their people. Also creating a false information by claiming that those patriotism that broke out from Riek Machar had made a peace with terrorist government in Juba.

    1-Gen. Hoth Gatkuoth was asking for release of some officers hold captives as if they violated another law, but they didn’t

    2-The list of the Generals mentioned in the appeal to Riek Machar was without any information from those of Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak, Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, and Brig. Gen. Biel Tuor Kay (Biel Torkech).

    3-The 28 states/governors is created to confuse the people of South Sudan to start fighting about it while /SPLM/A/SPLM/A/IO and SPLM/A G10, gets away with crimes committed to the natives of the country.

    4-Reminding all South Sudanese that the Arusa Tanzania peace is between SPLM/A, SPLM/A-IO and SPLM/A-G10, how they will get out of the corruption they committed, and massive killings of people of South Sudan and they agree to unite SPLM/A and install Riek Mach as Vice President the peace was not about South Sudan or the people.

    5-The nationalistic soldiers are very firm and solid they are not shaken by this fake peace or allegations that are been thrown around to make people think there is a genuine peace or Patriot army agree on it and gave up people of S. Sudan that is not true.

    6-South Sudanese must remember the 30,000, people killed in 7 days in Juba followed by SPLM/A security killings around the country, eastern Equatoria, Bentiu, Mundri, and Juba etc.

    7-This peace is to cover up the crimes committed,and to keep on committing more crimes undetected by creating more states and more Governors to cover the SPLM/A crimes.

    SSUDA/SSDF is committed to bring peace and to maintain the South Sudan 10 states until there will be democratic elected government and parliament to decide the faith of the country. The really war is yet to get start in all corners of South Sudan.

    Long Live South Sudan
    Long Live SSUDA/SSDF

    Banja Wuromoni
    Vice Chairman SSUDA/SSDF

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