U.S Permanent to UN: Salva Kirr Intend to kille the Nuer People


Ambassador Samantha Power
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
U.S. Mission to the United Nations
December 15, 2015 AS DELIVERED

Daya_2_4 Today’s resolution affirms the Council’s support for the peace agreement signed by South Sudanese parties in August, and mandates certain additional tasks so that UNMISS can better support implementation of that agreement. We thank Council members for their support for this resolution.

The resolution retains UNMISS’s core mandate of protecting civilians, monitoring and investigating human rights abuses and violations, and creating conditions in which humanitarian assistance can reach people in need. It also answers the Secretary-General’s call to increase the number of troops and police assigned to UNMISS, and thereby strengthens the mission’s ability to protect civilians. This increase will further allow UNMISS to support ceasefire monitoring and provide technical assistance to the Joint Integrated Police, a body which will be important in maintaining security in cities throughout the country.

This resolution also anticipates the return of nearly 3,000 members of the opposition to Juba. The return of such numbers of opposition figures could change the dynamics in Juba. That is why we have asked the Secretary-General to undertake planning for UNMISS to have a dedicated capacity to deter and respond to incidents in Juba so as to avoid a deterioration of security there.

While the Council agreed on the necessary troop and police increases, we regret – as others have – that the Council could not reach full consensus on all elements of this resolution. Many of the main concerns raised remain the same as at our last adoption. I would like to just briefly respond to them.

First, this resolution expresses our continued commitment to using sanctions as a tool for peace. They are essential, as a tool in the toolbox, to marginalizing those who wish to derail this important agreement. The African Union has spoken forcefully to this issue on multiple occasions. In a September 26th communiqué by its Peace and Security Council, the AU expressed its determination “to impose measures against all those who would impede this agreement.” This resolution takes the same posture.

Second, this resolution, like its predecessor, recognizes the Council’s responsibility to ensure that UNMISS peacekeepers have the tools and technological capabilities needed to safely and fully fulfill their mission. We heard an extensive brief from the Secretariat during our meeting with troop- and police-contributing countries on the important role that unarmed and unmanned aerial systems and helicopters can play in helping missions fulfill their difficult mandates. We owe it to the troops and police on the ground to provide them with these life-saving tools. They are asking for unmanned aerial vehicles so they know what is going on around them, so they are less at risk, so they can better fulfill their mandates. We are listening to the troop contributors; this issue should not and need not be politicized. We wonder, actually, if the countries that abstain on this resolution citing UAV’s would do so if they had battalions of peacekeepers on the ground?

Finally, this resolution reflects the fact that ensuring accountability for crimes and abuses, and providing access to justice for victims, represents a central part of building peace – not an obstacle to maintaining peace. The hybrid court proposed by the peace agreement could play an important role in this effort, and the resolution reaffirms this Security Council’s commitment to stay involved in the development of that institution. This is really important – it’s important because impunity must end if peace and security are both to take hold, and to endure. There cannot be collective guilt, and justice is a critical means of ending collective guilt.

South Sudan has the opportunity to close the door on conflict and reclaim the promise we all saw at its birth as a nation four years ago. This resolution will help them to do so, and I thank the Council for its work. If holding partners to their commitments to implement the agreement; if providing access to justice for victims; and if providing the tools troop contributors need in order to do their jobs safely leads to abstentions, that is very unfortunate for a Council that has agreed on these issues in many, many other contexts in the past. We seek unity, for sure, but the strong vote today deepens our determination to ensure UNMISS can respond to a very real crisis – a crisis that persists – and the very real needs in South Sudan.

I thank you.



  1. Dear Ambassador! I believe this is a time for America and its allied to acts regarding South Sudanese ‘s situation. The live conditions itself among its citizens still indicated that the peace is far away from being accomplished by our leaders.So therefore, we want international community seriously to intervent by solving this riddle. Because truly there is a riddle in politics if the United States and its allies do not uses their mind without listening to politician. You need perform your works of interducing the principles of federalism in which people thirst for in South Sudan. We are the only young nation in Africa in a massive influx of Refugee in East Africa specially Ethiopia. So please stop that bloodshed in the country you have given to us ffour years ago .

  2. Dear Ambassador, I would like to express my concern about South Sudan. South Sudan is the country where its people suffered for a long time. This Country needs a very especially attention. The genocide had already happened on Nuer people and other minority tribes it is going on now in Greater Equatoria region and Greater Upper Nile . If US and UN do not say no to genocide by deploying more UN peace keeping forces, this peace will never be achieved. You can imagine why government is insisting the deployment of UN forces in the Country while preaching that the civilians under UN protection in UNMISS should return to their home. This is an indication of the fact that, there is something hidden. I hope Rwanda case will not be repeated again when the US and UN were ignoring and neglecting a very important warning reports about genocide in Rwanda.

  3. South sudan is a newest nation in africa that have mess up for tribalism among their ethnics group. Current situation here become baseless for their leaders because they dont want to bring peace to the people. They are digesting bad decision that will not develop the country forever. Self interest is a crucial and looting. I want to assure human rights and international community to put their eyes to this ugly situation. People are dying for wars, hunger, and no clean water for drink. Leadership become HIV/AIDS in south sudan that has no cure but there is anti virus for HIV/AIDS why there is no anti peace for south sudan if international community, human rights, au, un security council, eu and usa? We want peace because we live in good life.

  4. dear ambassador, i am here to express my feeling on what the president kiir is doing by now, you have seen thousands of thoousands dead in south sudan and the war has been continuing in different parts of south sudan but there is no any change yet shown by the international communities; so please without the interference of un and other agencies,this peace will never be achieved because there are even many voices from chief of staff paul malong saying that he dont want nuer back to juba which shows that there is something behind, and therefore you are highly demanded to facilitate the peace talk in south sudan

  5. Dear ambassador,

    The action you took now and convinced the Security Council and voted unanimously for extending the mission of UN in South Sudan will safe the life of our civilians. This move now has to be taken since the Juba- government was bilndly killing the civilians for being a tribe. But taking this major at this time and giving full mandate with its tools to personnels who are going to protect the civilians in needs is very workable. Thanks you very Mrs, ambassador for pushing that move to reality. Our country has lost its direction for promoting the tribal-line

  6. I directed this comment of mind to Ambassador that Kuol Manyang Juuk and Paul Malong Awan are not and will not be for peace of South Sudan. They bounded them selves with JCE(Jieeng Cancil of Elders) to deeply destroy our beloved Country by Killing it’s Citizens Nueer(Naath) especial. This only need a very strong action from you(UN Security Council) to work with IGAD PLUS to over-come this Peace. I also strongly call an International Community to work very hard on this than deeply increasing the problem of South Sudan and i would as well encourage all the members of SPLM/A IO to still stand firm for peace because they are now the one acting as a Government and a Government like a Rebel.

  7. I failed to pick the “Salva Kiir Intend to Kill Nuer people” in the whole text! This rhetoric attitudes won’t take us anywhere and the killing some of our brothers and their allies lobby for may turns a reality. Mind your words! Biar-awumbeny!

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