Breaking News: Athorbei, “we cannot funds people who will kills us” A source in Juba said that David Deng Athorbei refusing to funds IO advance team

A source who have a knowledge about how SPLM-IO will survive in Juba financially revealed that David Deng Athorbei have been refusing to release any funds for SPLM-IO advance team.

According to the sources, the Government of South Sudan and finance offices that will be responsible for the IO did not accept the lists yet because they do not know who are coming and what is their status before war break out in 2013.

Deng Athorbei said that we can not funds people who may be coming to killed us. We have a right as a government to know their status, such as their tribes, their educations and precious works. 3B312BE8-0289-4931-918E-38C507AD1E34_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy4_cw0



  1. my brother Deng Athorbei,its not right action as government, when spla/m sign paece with khartuom, sudan government gives $65000,000,000, dollers to splm in khartuom it should be simers to this argreement in south sudan. persident salve kiir take action against Athorbei over look Mr,kiir

  2. Dear,southerners. I would like to say something about the conflict. This conflict it’s interested conflict between Kiir and Riek. Those people need to be out of systems. They killed 1000 of 1000 citizens for their benefits. Their kids are not in front line. They using other kids for their businesses. We citizens may unity and take those guys out. If we don’t do so. The south suds will not be peace ccountry.we strength unity. We can’t continue like that. People are going to finish.

  3. it is not matter of leadership any more, it is matter of Dinka as tribe want to clear out the Nuer tribe, but dinka problem is bcoz they are powerless who don’t able to fight the Nuer alone as dinka, bcoz according to dinka thinking, peace may prevail in South Sudan atleast when Nuer tribe cleared out in this world n the whole planet is free from Nuer ## Reath Koak Mut Gooht

  4. Fellows South Sudanese. If you are truly for peace, try to avoid elements that distracted peace. Elements such as Dinkas vs Nuers cannot take you anywhere. If you continued to hold that in heart. One, you will not have good peace of mind to own your body let alone others. Two, you wil continued to sing a song of D Vs N which no one will echoed you even the forest will not echoes your song. It is better to sing a song everyone can join in to sing like peace. So the best thing is to sing a song of peace and forget the repeatedly statement of D Vs N. Let’s allow peace to come among our people and the rests will follow. May God touches the heartless South Sudanese to join their warmly hearted citizens to celebrate this peace that Christmas will welcomes to our people wherever they will celebrate it.

  5. the statement i believe is an alleged against David Deng Athorbei as the language used is just a gesture of creating a bad image that i believed was not said by him. stop lying Athorbei didnt say any thing bad against the IO advance team

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