Breaking News: Salva Kirr and Security have a secret Meeting on Thursday night December 17, 2015

At the secretive meeting in Juba on Thursdays evening, President Kirr caught saying, “I told you, they are coming back” and that, “when I said  that these people are like dogs” and they will come back one day. It seems “that people were not happy as if I make something that will turned the world upside down” Kirr saidKirr-Riek

In Juba, President Kirr had a secretive meeting on Thursday night with security services which was described as “secretive”. At the Meeting President Kirr did not know that some of the language that he used at the meeting make some of the members unhappy.

Kirk reiterated what said that, “There are people who have refused to learn, they don’t listen and they have also refused to leave the SPLM. They behave like dogs that even if you beat them, they go and come back and look at you with the same eyes and attitudes. This is the problem we have been facing in SPLM [since] inception,” president Kiir reportedly told a group of his inner circles.



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