Breaking News In Uganda: South Sudanese are calling for help and said some of them are missing in Uganda camp


A South Sudanese man reach out to all South sudanese through social media and said, that they are under attack in Uganda. he start by saying, Good evening friends please we need your prayers, we have been involved in a fight today with the whole community of nansana kabumbi and we have been seriously injured,others are still missing running for their lives, the fight was brought about when a bodaboda Ugandan knocked a Sudanese brother.

Then, he says that when he was asked why he knocked a South Sudanese who have done absolutely nothing he said, “this is not Sudan” and that  “should be careful” A south Sudanese who asked the entire South Sudanese on his Facebook explained that the whole situation that “when we tried to ask him again and telling him that what he did was unfair because the guy he knocked was seriously injured he then called the whole crowd to fight us”

He said that , the boys fought with them for like an hour but unfortunately they were defeated and started to run for their lives,they then started to beat any Sudanese they find on the way whether young or old and also breaking the windows of every south Sudanese home,.

He also said that, we the injured who narrowly managed to escape are still lying on beds at home. 22



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