Picture1.pngBy Cde Nhial Bol Khor

The south Sudanese musicians from Sudanese capital Khartoum has made the very important occasion day, yesterday in Americans mission bhary club. However, the authority of the greater Akobo. Under the leadership of elder Simon guat pur.and also he’s the chairperson of nuer sixteen counties. As also urge the young 13 musicians and singers, and entire population who has gathering during the artists party songs in bhary club, The occasion, was attended by the following people.   Major general. Gabriel duop lam the governor of phow state at currently, Brigadier general David reath malual, colonel. Malual bilieu the representative from SPLM\SPLA-IO office here in Khartoum.  And the famous business man James tiong gatluak plus local chiefs and others community leaders from variety of south Sudanese in Sudan.

The musicians had extremely played rock music for the party songs.  After there, the musicians party.  band for corporate emtertainment, function and concert for sure the team made lots of funny, to the entire population who has gathering in occasion. Therefore, the fans turn up and feel proud for the very best songs made by their youngest daughters & sons.

Above all this Mr Deng moral dang  the chairperson of the musicians urge the public gathering and he told to the people that, some of artists team came from somewhere there  and some were here in Khartoum, but for sure the aims of this musicians is to supports and create new song for the movement,  peace and some among us create before, some years back, he added that, the  team also create  a new production song, like war music, peace music and for the homeland as well. At the last point, he say the guys made a lots of funny to the people and for sure!  They are true!

The chairperson of greater Akoba in Sudan. Elder Simon guat Pur. Urge and encourage the team of artists or musicians from sixteen counties, that the community and the movement are behind you, he also told to the musicians, you  work without no fears and conditions, therefore,  we will be continuously, work hard for you.

At lastly here are the names of the musicians.

  1. Deng Moral Dang
  2. Gatruop Yian Gatwit
  3. DD3 Bilnyanuer
  4. Ker Chot Ruot
  5. Machany Chuluony
  6. Tut Khor Banang
  7. Gatwech Kher Chot
  8. Silver C. Deng
  9. Gatliah Gatwech
  10. Mary Nyagony
  11. Rebecca Nyanuor Kuol
  12. Chuol Biel Bithuok
  13. Yiel Tung Dup


The above mentioned musicians are here in Sudan and northern upper Nile state

And thanks!

Author by journalist Nhial Bol Khor

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