Breaking News: Gen. Taban Deng Gai, CDR. Koang Chuol Raanley are in Juba


Gen. Taban and  CDR. Kong Chuol Ranley are in Juba. at the Press conference Tabn is calling up on all Parties for the New beginning 444

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16 comments on “Breaking News: Gen. Taban Deng Gai, CDR. Koang Chuol Raanley are in Juba”

  1. Remember My South Sudanese, God is power is going to unite you after that years punishment. God bless you all and he is going to guard you too. Am wishing you prosperous happy Christmas and happy New year all.

  2. We Wellecome this day for the peace in our belove Country South Sudan, thanks to those who joined hand for the peace in our Country thank you all specially IGAD PLUS Thank you all.

  3. One minute can save a man n I hereby congratulating both advance team n Government feeling their people’s suffering economically,politically and socially

  4. What was the cause of killing our innocert citizen, because of position. I need African leaders to put the law in to action to the case of innocert that killed by whoever side in. S. Sudan

  5. Welcome to capital city and let the peace range and reconciliation, Unity and forgiveness goes to edge of the country mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters who have suffering for last 21 months of mudding, raping Innocents people, to South Sudanese people all over the world less today marks end of bloody shades our people less work hard to reconciles, reunites,reforegives ourselves killings has no give.

  6. Make reform in all sectors of the govetment,particularly in National more recruitment of militias.we need our security men to be of some standard.form 4 certificate is qualification.not stupid Gelweng and white army,better red army because 90 percent holds degrees and masters.

  7. It is unfortunate that We lost our love ones just because of greediness,tribal pride and malicious politics.Splm leadership is full of hypocrites,pretend to be good when they really are not.They have tendency of priotizing their sham ahead of the nation.woe on you

  8. Taban Deng welcome back but Don’t make more mistakes.misleading your master won’t help.we know who you are,master minder,wrong advisor,you misled your master Dr Riek to mobilize Nuer youth to join SPLM in large numbers,strategically campaign against increment of salaries in security sectors to demoralize the business oriented communities to join the army,Nuer youth bear and endure the situation,because you promised them heaven after you topple the used Riek as scapegoat but your intention was to be the president.Am his close ally but flet,I feared my life.I want to tell south sudanese to celebrate,because this mark the beginning of new phase of our nationalism,bright future and economic prosperity.

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