Breaking News: More forces defected to SPLM-IoO-Arrow more in the even of arrival of IO-Advance Team

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By: Mr. Bako David
Acting Secretary for information SSPPF-Arrow Boys
More Forces Defect to Join SSPPF-Arrow Boys Forces Lead by, Eng. Kisanga
As the SPLM-IO advanced team headed to Juba more SPLA forces from the Juba Government has defected to join the ranks of SSPPF led by Eng. Charles Kisanga.
In Yambio 1st Lieutenant Abel Banga defected with up to 50 soldiers from the Equatoria states and headed toward the headquarter of SSPPF in Western Equatoria. The Army Commander of Gbudue Division Man General Henry Maleshi deputized by James Kabira has been asked to receive the new comrades in the struggle and provide them with necessary assistance for the interrogation of their new solders into our ranks.
Earlier in another news Lt Gen Charles Barnaba Kisanga welcomed the defection of James Brig Gen James Kabira back into the ranks of Equatoria based SSPPF forces and he immediately appoint as Deputy commander of Gbudue Division .

The defection of of more Equatoria forces into Equatoria resistance as even SPLM-IO advanced team arrived in Juba clearly demonstrates that the Equatorians are not convinced that the agreement will bring justice and equality to them and unless IGAD sees the problem and compel the parties to be inclusive Equatoria could be heading for really war and stalling of Peace process.

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1 comments on “Breaking News: More forces defected to SPLM-IoO-Arrow more in the even of arrival of IO-Advance Team”

  1. I salutate the new defected soldiers in Equotoria

    The Equatorians soldiers need to defect more and more because the war with Gelwang/DotKubany lead by Salvatore Kiir Mayardit is not yet finish. Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his Warrap Dinka Council of Elders cannot continue ruling South Sudan. I and General Charles Kisanga will not accept the leadership of Warrap Dinka Council of Elders whether it will leads into the partitioning of South Sudan. Therefore, we gravely need Equatorians soldiers to defect to take up armies to end the dehumanization. Finally I thank Lt. General Charles Kisanga for doing a good job in mobilizing the the South Sudanese people to take up armies to fight for total emancipation. The war with red Jalaba is over but the war against black Jalaba begins.

    Struggle continue…
    Long Live Arrow Boys
    Long Live Lt. General Charles Kisanga

    Thabor Ding

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