Breaking News: Paul Malong and Puljang are defecting, Malong run away to Aweil on arrival of Taban Deng Gai

Puljang Malong.jpgA reporter of Africans Press in Juba says Paul Malong went to Aweil after receiving the bad news that Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley is coming to Juba. Paul Malong was told that only civilians will be coming to Juba. However, when SPLM-IO send their advance team, Malong went directly to Salva Kirr and said, “why soldiers are coming?” Salve Kirr says he has no control as to who will be in the lists of SPLM-IO.

A source which is familiar with what is taking place between Salva Kirr and Malong said that he is defecting and blaming Salva kier for bringing back the “Nuer” and said he rather see himself dead before he is going to be killed by those who their love one are massacre in Juba by his forces that he trained to killed the Nuer people.

However, Paul Malong left angrily to Aweil for retreat and Kuol Manning was calling him back to Juba since he did not inform him on his departure. aaaaa

Paul Malong also was intercept having a phone call with Puljang to form a new movement.

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