Breaking News: Paul Malong and Puljang are defecting, Malong run away to Aweil on arrival of Taban Deng Gai

Puljang Malong.jpgA reporter of Africans Press in Juba says Paul Malong went to Aweil after receiving the bad news that Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley is coming to Juba. Paul Malong was told that only civilians will be coming to Juba. However, when SPLM-IO send their advance team, Malong went directly to Salva Kirr and said, “why soldiers are coming?” Salve Kirr says he has no control as to who will be in the lists of SPLM-IO.

A source which is familiar with what is taking place between Salva Kirr and Malong said that he is defecting and blaming Salva kier for bringing back the “Nuer” and said he rather see himself dead before he is going to be killed by those who their love one are massacre in Juba by his forces that he trained to killed the Nuer people.

However, Paul Malong left angrily to Aweil for retreat and Kuol Manning was calling him back to Juba since he did not inform him on his departure. aaaaa

Paul Malong also was intercept having a phone call with Puljang to form a new movement.

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  1. Hahaha Mr poster and shares it’s batter to in the field one time to see how strong you are, apart from H.E the president, do you think SPLM-IO can deafted King very sorry to hear this stupid nonsense.

  2. Hahaha Mr poster and shares it’s batter to be in the field one time to see how strong you are, apart from H.E the president, do you think SPLM-IO can deafted King very sorry to hear this stupid nonsense.

  3. Does he love peace or war,please we people of south Sudan are tired of war and staying as refugees in some countries so we need to come back home please.

  4. Paul Malong should not rebeled but comply with peace. Because peace is whatever citizens of this nation is looking for. However, going opposite way to this peace will exhibits he is not a true leader

  5. This propaganda is what encourage politicans to make wrong decision every day, Mathew puljang and Malong works shoulder by shoulder to protect the country transitional consitution, it is duty of media and individual with discomfort about our peace to preach for forgiveness, reconciliation,unity, peace love and development as citizens of this country.
    My message as concerned citizen is to promote peace rather than negative political propoganda everyday!

  6. He/she who posted negative message against anyone whether from Gov or opp is aliar and have poor vision toward South Sudan. I will call you ‘stupid and silly’. Please tell the truth and God will bless you.

  7. He is too old to start another movement that he will never benefit out of it. He has looted so many of the monies that were donated for serving South Sudanese civilians, and he will never again get that chance. He killed the innocent civilians of his country who have played no part of competing with him over the looted monies. To hell, he must go.

  8. we south Sudanese let us just preaching for peace to return back to our country not to preach for hated speech which can scatters our nation.let us not give chance to evil spirit again, let us just prayer to heavenly father so that the peace may flow like water in our beautiful nation and we will enjoy our wealth

  9. whoever like spreading of unprofitable rumours against this peace, are those one wanted the future of south sudan to darkened. If u have the spirit of patriotism, let us be concerned of peace & reconciliation, unity, togetherness as brothers & sisters.

  10. we who not are not politician should not intervene in to that, Government and her opposition to solve that, we should be praying for peace not for war again

  11. this is totally unbelieving able .king paul have no intention to rebell.he has no fear as you guz wish bse he is national army chief of general staff which can not be removed simply.don,t even think of that guys

  12. king paul malong has no dream to rebell .this lies is created by rebels inoder to give them aroom.comrade malong fear no man forget about such lies no body can buy it

  13. Rebels must be told if they don`t understand English. what we meant by cessation of hostilities is all sorts of hostilities including making propaganda. if you rebels, are still lying and try to create another war what will you get from it other than running to UNMISS.
    It is good to keep in minds where your mistakes came from, in 2013 if anyone can remember, Media houses played very vital roles in creating tensions among communities which eventually resulted in violent.
    my let everyone play his/her role as responsible citizen not as a responsible war monger.

  14. illiteracy and lack of creditable information constitutes falsification in journalism principle.

    Africanspress is run by incompetence journalists who lacks knowledge and skills required to be a journalist.

    Chief Paul has a right to protect the territorial integrity of the Republic of South Sudan and not this tribe mindset,senseless war created by food loving people you mentioned in your press .

    Chief Paul has a mandate given to him by H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit to work in his capacity to transform the national arm SPLA to modern army with new modern weaponries ya fool not this internal conflict ya camrade.

    Go back to school to equip yourself with academic materials mentally if you want to be a journalist .

    Insufficient knowledge can lead to total madness if not taken care of .

    Dont waste your time posting your idiotic news when people are the eve of preaching peace .

    Dont mention General Paul Malong again if you still have some respect to leaders wherever you are.

  15. Guys please can we talks peace here ? This is a time for southern Sudanese people to unite, returns of Nuer to Juba it’s a sign of peace and blessing , they are not coming back to take anyone jobs but to implement peace that was signed by both sides, and they are willing for peace, and let us looking forward for sake of our people and the country, in this time we need each other to convince our people that no more conflict will happen again and forgiveness is needed. My wishes to all of you merry Christmas 🎄 and happy new year, and god bless you all ……🎅🎆🎇 🙏……

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