Breaking News: Paul Malong forced Salva Kirr to announced or face rebellion, a source who speaks on the condition leading to appointment of 28 State Governor



Paul Malong force Salva Kirr to announce 28 State or face death by fire squad. Malong said, I do not need these people in South Sudan again. Salva Kirr must rebel or face his own destiny he said.

However, a reporter of Africans Press who is remain unnamed for security reason was told by a close associates of Paul along that Paul Malong threatened Salva before he came to Juba to announce the 28 States or he is not coming back to Juba. As a results, Salva Kirr promised Paul Malong who is a Army Chief to come back to Juba and the announcement of 28 State will be announced.

Paul Malong agrees with that condition and was send a decree paper before retuning back to Juba.

aaaaaNames of 28 governors as announced by a decree issued by president Salva Kiir:
1. Hon. Achiso Loluko Malik – Imatong State
2. Hon. Luis Lobong Lojori – Namorunyang State
3. Hon. Africano Monday – Maridi State
4. Hon. Joseph Nyigele Pacifo – Amadi State
5. Hon. Patrick Rafael Samoi – Gbudwe State
6. Hon. Augustino Jadala Wani – Jubek State
7. Hon. Juma Ali Malou – Terekeka State
8. Hon. David Lokonga Moses – Yei River State
9. Hon. Elias Waya Nyipuoch – Wau State
10. Hon. Ruay Deng – Aweil State
11. Hon. Rizik Hasan Zacharia – Lol State
12. Hon. Deng Deng Akuei – Aweil East State
13. Hon. Bona Panek Biar – Twic State
14. Hon. Abraham Gum Makuach – Gogrial State
15. Hon. Akech Tong Aleu – Tonj State
16. Hon. Rin Tueny Mabor – Eastern Lake State
17. Hon. Abraham Makoi Bol – Western Lake State
18. Hon. Monydeng Majok Mel – Gok State
19. Hon. Dr. Nguen Monytuil – Northern Liech State
20. Hon. Taker Riak Dong – Southern Liech State
21. Hon. Mayol Kur Akuei Ruweng State
22. Hon. Philip Aguer Panyang – Jonglei State
23. Hon. Dr. William Othon Awer – Western Nile state
24. Hon. Chol Thon Balok – Eastern Nile State
25. Hon. James Kok Ruai – Western Bieh state
26. Hon. Peter Bol Kong Ngoth – Eastern Biech State
27. Hon. Peter Lam Guoth – Latjoor State
28. Hon. Baba Beda Konyi – Boma State

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21 comments on “Breaking News: Paul Malong forced Salva Kirr to announced or face rebellion, a source who speaks on the condition leading to appointment of 28 State Governor”

  1. Kiir believed in wrong advisors who produces bad advises that helping to fan the fire. President Kiir’s cloak is ticking for the end of his rule. Late Sadam the former president of Iraq would replica what will happen to Kiir and his cabinets no doubt. The true lord is watching queitly in his place. The finishment for South Sudan is yet to stop as long as the dicator cowardic Kiir rule still reigning. God rescue South Sudaness people who are suffering in the hands of evil agent.

  2. The Paradox of 28 States

    This is abig blow to CPA, and to the SPLAMIO. While JMEC, Government and the IO team are busy meeting to finalize the deal the President and the Jieng Councils of elders are conspiring to abrogate the CPA.
    I thought the CPA stipulated that, the president will appooint 7 governors while the IO Chairan will appoint 3 Govonors. Not that IO and the South Sudanese people do not want decentralization through Federal system of Governent, but it has to be inshrined in to the South Sudan Constitution. The IO actually demanded the 21 States during the CPA, but it was deferred to a constitutional conference and that is what Dr Patrick Lomumba of Kenya is doing as the chairman of the Constitutional committee.
    there are issues with 28 states such as the borders, and criteria for choosing the area that constitute a State. For example, Ruweng, Twic, Eastern Lake South and North Bentui, are small districts in size and should not constitute a state. Besides, Kiiir has taken Chollo Shilluk land and other communities and gave it to his tribe men Dinka. Otherwise IO and all south Sudanese like more States except that it came in a wrong time that it may jeopardize the CPA. Even so, it will be embraced by many who are desperate for power and self rule. This is tricky an is appealing to psychological need of people. Who does not want self rule? Muru, do not want to be rule by Zande. BAri speakers do not like Bari to rule them. Shilluk do not want to be rule by Dinka or Nuers. Nuer in Jongleo do not want to be ruled by Dinka Bor.
    Even among Dinka of Lakes and greater Ggorial there is tension between Tonj and Ggorial, Yurol and Rumbek,

    Now the Governor of Malakal Chol has attacked western Uppernile Chollo Kingdom. And the wastes scenario is that, the IO team are in Juba. What will happened if there is disgreement over this uniletaral declaration of 28 states and appoinment of 28 Governors? Is it not a violation of the CPA right there in the eye of IO in Juba? AGAD and JMEC will be held responsible for the safety and security of the IO. Kiirdit,Makui LeithDit and King Paul MalongDIt will be laughing to teeths and dentures. If there is anything that make the trio happy is the prematured coming of the advance team to Juba.

    The South Sudan should be ruled by The JMEC for 10 years under UNSC
    otherwise a bloody war is on the way more waste than Rwunda.

    Louis Lado MIchael Nyarsuk
    PhD Scholar on Tribal Democracy

    1. You forgot that 90% of East Bieh and Latjoor States are belong to Anywaa and chollo people such as Nasir, Akobo, Abwong, Ulang, and Waath. These land has been given to Nuers by the government without the input of the land natives. At the sametimes, Nuers are the most of these states that claiming for those states. Even there is peace, the land issues will be hanging on South Sudan government if thr

  3. South Sudan need good leaders to run counter with out looking this is my family or my friend I mean read persons in read place

  4. According to my political point of view,we can not say Salva is good or bard.I am putting South Sudan in to three region rulership,the fast chance was given to the Dinka,they have failed,now we try Equatorians,then finally the Nuer.if the presidenship will run through the three regions,then Salva will have to agree that his government really had a problem.

  5. sakaran salva kiir is everlasting suffering of south Sudanese people. dear my compatriot this we must unite our self and capture him a life.

  6. I love this for others will have chance if kiir and Malong did not do this how can IGAD and Peace advocate will recognized kiir let them do and others will learn their stupidity

  7. south Sudan will not have peace for good, kiir doesn’t want peace to be in south Sudan, let kiir do his corruption……human being is created by God, but God doesn’t give us good life or bad life, just he give us life, it’s up to us to make it good or bad…..let we accept call for peace..

    1. 1. Imatong State, comprising Torit, Ikotos, Lopa and Magwi Nimule counties with its capital at Torit.
      2. Namorunyang State, comprising Kapoeta South, Kapoeta North, Kapoeta East and Budi counties with its capital at Kapoeta
      3. Maridi State, comprising Maridi and Ibba counties, with its capital at Maridi.
      4. Amadi State, comprising Mundri West, Mundri East and Mvolo counties, with its capital at Munri.
      5. Gbudwe State, comprising Anzara, Yambio, Ezo, Tambura and Nagero Counties, with its capital at Yambio.
      6. Jubek State, comprising Juba County, with its capital at Juba.
      7. Terekeka State, comprising Terekeka, Jemeza, Tali, Tigor and Gwor with its capital at Terekeka.
      8. Yei River State, comprising Yei, Kajo-Keji, Morobo and Lainya counties with its capital at Yei.
      9. Wau State, comprising Bagari and Jur River counties with its capital at Wau.
      10. Aweil State, comprising Aweil South and Aweil Centre counties with its capital at Aweil.
      11. Lol State, comprising Aweil West, Aweil North and Raja counties with its capital at Raja.
      12. Aweil East State, comprising Aweil East County with its capital at Wanyjok.
      13. Twic State, comprising Twic County with its capital at Mayen Abun.
      14. Gogrial State, comprising Gogrial East and Gogrial West with its capital at Kuacjok.
      15. Tonj State, comprising Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South counties with its capital at Tonj.
      16. Eastern Lakes State, comprising Yirol West, Yirol East and Awerial counties with its capital at Yirol.
      17. Western Lakes State, comprising Rumbek East, Rumbek North, Wule and Rumbek Centre counties with its capital at Rumbek.
      18. Gok State, comprising Cueibet County with its capital at Cueibet.
      19. Northern Liech State, comprising Rubkona, Guit, Koch and Mayom counties with its capital at Bentiu.
      20. Southern Liech State, comprising Leer, Mayendit and Panyijar counties with its capital at Leer.
      21. Ruweng State, comprising Pariang and Abiemnhom counties with its capital at Pariang.
      22. Eastern Nile State, comprising Malakal, Renk, Maban, Melut, Baliet, Akoka, Pigi and Koma counties with its capital at Malakal.
      23. Jonglei State, comprising Bor, Duk and Twic East counties with its capital at Bor.
      24. Western Nile State, comprising Panyikang, Kodok and Manyo Tunga, Fashoda counties with its capital at Kodok.
      25. Western Bieh State, comprising Fangak and Ayok counties with its capital at Ayod.
      26. Eastern Bieh State, comprising Akobo, Nyirol and Uror counties with its capital at Akobo.
      27. Latjoor State, comprising Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut and Longuchuk counties with its capital at Nasir.
      28. Boma State, comprising Pibor and Pochalla counties with its capital at Pibor.

  8. Anything that is taking South Sudan forward, Salva Kiir doesn’t like it.
    He wants what ever let people down and more sufferings that is his interest.
    with Kiir in power, the country will never move step forward.

  9. 90% of East Bieh state and Latjoor is belong to Anywaa and chollo but the land has been given to Nuers by the government without the input of the land natives. At the sametimes, Nuers are the most of these states. Akobo, Abwong, Ulang and Nasir are belong to Luo: Anywaa and Chollo….. Even there is peace, the land issues will be hanging on South Sudan government if thr

  10. yea man, you maybe true , but you are now in America,then how are you going to do it there , although that , peoples are just fighting on the ground here in south sudan ,in case that if you are killed then your body flash shall remain in our land inorder to decaied into petrol/diesel let us finish ourselves and others will gain the profite . okay stuept nations

  11. It would have been a good job if the states were created constitutionally, and in agreement with SPLM/A-IO, including traditional leaders. But a decree may be considered by the citizens and the international community as madness, and it is perilous.

  12. The person who wrote this article must go back to school to study English before putting something like that for public consumption. What a disgrace!

  13. Let me hope that all of us pray for peace in South Sudan, because politicians are busy struggling for self interest neglecting the horribl life our people are going through.

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