Gen. Hoth Gatkuoth and the leadership of SSAF/FDP Demand Dr. Riek to release the Nuer sons and daughters whom they thought are our supporters


By Dhoal Larjin

We appeal to the top leadership of SPLM-IO to discharge all officers and soldiers arrested because of being disbelieved as supporters to our generals. We are calling for the immediate and safe release of all soldiers based on Human Rights and humanitarian grounds. We are urging the IO leadership to response to this calls and respecting the Geneva Protocol of Human Rights. The families of soldiers who are arrested have also added their calls for release of their sons from IO detentions. IO should be responsible for any death of those soldiers detained for false charges. Those victims are accused of attempting a military coup without any gun short.

SSAF/FDP demand the release of all mistrusted soldiers quickly. We want to resolve differences with IO if they free our supporters. We are on the way to discuss peace with SPLM-IO, and it will be obstacles to promoting negatives behaviors such as arresting people base on suspicious. IO should respect human rights and dignity of our people if they want to make peace with us. Mistrusting ourselves will lead us to destroy our unity and give more chance to the enemy. We want to overcome any mistrust within our forces as a community because our unity is essential in achieving our collective goals and interests. IO is practicing the principle of dictatorship the same with Juba regime. SPLA/M allows no one to speak up their rights by using guns power, but our people have to change it ideology despite being intimidate of guns power.

SSAF/FDP is advocating for the release of soldiers detainees because of suspicions of being supports generals. We need each other to settle our differences and achieve peace within our societies. IO leadership is undermining the unity of our ground forces due to unethical practices. The arresting of a large number of people on a false allegation that they are suspected of being loyalists to Gen. Peter Gatdet and Gen. Gathoth Gatkouth is a violation of human rights.

In Pagak, many soldiers and political activists have been arrested because they are suspected of having a connection with the generals. They are tortured and humiliated without any charges. They are humiliated on isolation in a hash closed fences. They are tied together and put on inside thon fences without any relief foods. It is likely that some of them will die since the split of the IO and SSAF.  IO leadership should release those soldiers if they want the unity of our people. The arrest is no ground because relieving of our generals has created more division in our communities. IO leadership relieved the generals based on hearsay and it is a violation of human right to arrest anyone because of being suspects.  We appeal to the leadership of the IO to release these people. International Community, Amnesty International, and Human Right Watch should investigate Riek Macher camp for a violation of Human Rights because IO is conducting random arrests of innocent armed soldiers within their camp alleging soldiers of carrying a coup against IO of Riek Macher. IO leadership arrested a large number of people suspected to be loyal to Gen. Peter Gadet and Gen Gathoth Gatkouth has been proven false within our communities.


We believe the release of any persons suspected of being a loyalist to our generals will bring the light to negotiate peace between SSAF/FDP and the SPLM-IO. Our general have no any political connection with soldiers who are held in closed detentions in Pagak, and we are urging Riek Macher to release them.  We have to come together to defense our people against the main enemies, not against ourselves. Since there was no any gun shot in Pagak, Riek should not mistreat and arrest any soldiers suspected of making a coup against his private guards.

We all should be seeking for a mass movement of peace, reconciliation, and justice among our members.  Let us not get into the trap of hatred and inhumation of ourselves because it will create disunity. Let us work together to address just peace based on the root causes of our civil war. Let us join our hands and call for a genuine peace now with our generals back to their forces. Signatories of generals and political members

Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak

Gen. Gathoth Gatkouth

Gen. Gabriel Gatwic Chan

Gen. Malieth Gatluak

Brig Gen. Choul Ghakah

Brig. Gen. Biel Tuor Kay

Brig Gen.Gatwich Pouch

Brig Gen. Philip Mamuon Chop

Col. Lony Chiechot

Col. Reangyian Paan Deng

Hon. Lew Changson Chang

Hon. Gabriel Yol Dok

Hon. Timothy Tot Choul

Hon. Michael Mario Thour

Hon. Tot Kay Chakuen

Hon. Thompson Thoan Teny

Brig. Gen. Dhoal Larjin is the official spokesperson for SSAF/FDP can be reached through email:




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