TO: All the public and the International Community including the IGAD plus


Ref: Salutation and information about misinformation regarding peace claimed in Nairobi


I am Gen Peter Gatdet very please to inform all the public and other international communities to acknowledged what happen yesterday in Nairobi. However, I would like you to know and understand that what you heard yesterday from Nairbio that I General Peter Gatdet Yak, and my Generals including our political group signed a peace agreement and that was not true.  In fact, I have fully denied that misinformation regarding misinterpretation about peace agreement in Nairobi.

I m Gen Peter Gatdet  aware that honorable Tut Gatluak was sent by government to come in order to inquired us if we want peace or not that was the reason why he met my group in Nairobi

We, the defected Generals from SPLA -IO love peace and reconciliation.  And the reason why we disagreed with Dr. Riek Machar was because of Arusha agreement that brought the Re-unification of SPLM group. And that was not our objectives or reasons why we fought with Salva Kirr and his group.  In the agreement done by IGAD plus or other International Communities that we need to find out the root cause of the fighting and reason why thirty thousand civilians were killed in Juba. We fought with the president Salva Kirr and his three armed groups like SPLA, Titwueng and Mathiangnyor, likewise we the Formers Defected IO Generals group had also two armed groups like IO forces and White-Armed forces. If we want to negotiate with any group regarding peace, we need all the guarantees that would bring a final and peaceful agreement.  Because we love peace that could bring a conducive atmosphere if we agree to fulfill all objectives and guarantees to be accepted or not accepted, We would like to inform any group or other international community’s or leaders that we agree with any group who will accept our guarantees and finally, we can sign any peace agreement.


And then we disagreed with Dr. Riek as we told you that he accepted Aruacha Agreement which did not fulfill our objectives because SPLM re-unification was not our objective for the root cause of the fighting in the agreement with IGAD plus and other international communities that we agreed to have a federal Government whereby we would re-organize our forces including those who died in the war and those wounded ones for a period of three years and Dr. Riek Machar betrayed us and that was why we disagreed with him because he did not fulfill our objectives or guarantees before signing any peace agreement and therefore we would like to inform all the Nuer communities and other international community’s or friends that if we need to negotiate any peace, we would consult you before and that was why I wrote this message to you in order to know that we didn’t sign any peace agreement with any group or government. Any human being loves peace by nature. And we are human beings and therefore we love peace.  We hope that we would like to sign any peace agreement with any group in the future.




Sign by Gen Peter Gatdet Yak, the Chairman of the movement and the commander in Chief.


Contacts: 00249920114441


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3 comments on “TO: All the public and the International Community including the IGAD plus”

  1. Dear Generals including you peter Gatdet (jundi iraq) , Gathoth Gatkuoth, Gabriel tangdoye anothers officers whom are killing their time to accompanied you guys’ we as a nuer community or nuer youngestmen we withdraw confidentiality from you guys and we determine your attitudinal and logically as future less general who will ever never fit specially nuer community nor south sudanese people particularly because you are Generals with no visionary and has no promises to their respective communities, therefore, you’re baseless and groundless groundless will not be considerable by our lovely community.

    conclusion if you want to return back to south sudan people liberation movement in opposition (SPLM/ A.I.O) as when Mr. chairman and C / in chief; Dr Riak machar Teny Dhurgon’ told you last time, we should manage to welcome you back to the movement as it happens some of you announced their defection yesterday to come back and rejoin the movement is well done.

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