Why I stop producing new ideas or even acting within the Nuer community? well, read here, you maybe in line with me

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GatlukeI have been robbed by people I know, I have been sold by people I trust, I have been gossiping by bystanders who know nothing about me, I have been hurt by opportunists within the Nuer community and sadly many become hopeless by trying to robbed my ideas but failed miserably. What they have in common though and failed to know is that no one will ever open my mind and see how I think, or how I do things

At first, you should know that it is a natural thing to be a productive person in any given community. In the real world though, going to university can be more helpful to even have more ideas. It is often though that creating new ideas means challenging all assumptions and thinking productively. In my case, maybe studying Philosophy help me go through that past.

However, since 2006, I have been in that past by producing countless ideas, some of which are challenging. In doing so, I look at things by looking at them in as many different ways as possible. Typically, we think reproductively–that is, on the basis of similar problems encountered in the past. When confronted with a new problem, we preoccupy on something in our past that worked before, exclude all other approaches, and work within a clearly defined direction toward the solution of the problem.

I have been in that mood in the last nine years. I confronted my self with many problem facing South Sudan and my Nuer community at large. Then, when I think about these problems, I ask myself “How many different ways can I look at it? How can I rethink the way I see it? How many different ways can I solve it?” typically, I don’t ask myself, “What have I been taught by someone else about how to solve this?” I just always come up with an idea.

In any situation, I tend to come up with many different responses, some of which are conventional and possibly unique to other people, especially within the Nuer community.

As lucky as I am, I usually happened to be surrounded by smart and creative people, we generate as many alternative approaches as we can, considering both the least obvious and the most likely. This willingness to explore all approaches is essential. In which we always convince ourselves that going through the entire given situations, and looking for all the possible ways, we always come up with something possible.

To give you one example how people try to robes my ideas, when Dr. Riek and his Generals Peter Gatdet and Gathoth Gatkuoth disagrees, I came up with the ideas that there should be a peace committee that can bring the situation to the best of everyone. However, when opportunists heard this, they think that it is a good idea and this idea will get them positions within Dr. Riek circle.

Then, countless peace committees were created and people start accusing me as if I am a spy of generals instead of thanking me for coming up with the same idea they want to pursue so that they can sneak in, sadly, they all failed in the end.

In 2011, I brought Lou Nuer in North America together, that never happed before, however, when they come together, they start by declaring war against me which lead some to send my name all over the place as if II am their enemy. However, all of them failed miserably.

I formed Nuer Community of North America in the same years 2011, countless organization were formed, however all of them failed miserably again.

Brave men and women in our team created Nuer International Relief Agency which help many theny any of the organization and has been successful ever since, then countless Nuer brothers and sisters try again, some of which are still struggling and some give up on their ends. Copying the same idea. The lists can go on and on.

To concluded this, I concluded this, I would like to say that I just realize that Nuer community will be slave in South Sudan for a long time. If a community is so despair, where everyone wants to be one, then the enemy will have a chance to divide them to one pieces and make them slave forever.

I accept to do what I can while knowing that my people will be slave for as long as I live. The real reason why I stop campaigning about the Nuer issues is that I think many people become hopeless trying to either grabs what I am doing or trying to bring me down and they are failing.

However, as a human being, I don’t want to get stuck on trying to come up with different variations of the same idea that I want to develop further later. As blessed as I am, creating an idea that make me happy with joy and feel that had it not because of them, Nuer people will be prosper by now is the key. Believing in your ideas creative ability will give me the confidence that I will need later on during pitch time.

May Ngundeng Bong open the mind and the heart of the Nuer People

Gatluke Chuol Reat

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