Breaking News: FDP/SSAF Surprised to learned that a dismised self-Proclaimed spokeman declared defection

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1272_45027731849_4679_n.jpgIn his declaration on Dec. 26, 20115, this self appointed U.S citizen claims on social media that  “I, Gen Dhoal Larjin the official spokesperson SSAF/FDP, have defected from SSAF/FDP with six more generals to unite SPM IO-today on December 26, 2015.”

However, what this self-proclaims spokesman did not tell was the fact that after FDP/SSAF found his statements in the media, he was call by Gen. Gathoth to make sure who this person is. Gen. Gathoth confirmed that he is a U.S citizen who have no knowledge about what FDP/SSAF stand for nor Dhoal himself is a soldier let alone claiming to be a Brig. General.

Gen. Gathoth said that Dhoal who declared himself to be Brig. gen had never have any military training let alone ranks in military according  to Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth.

When Africans Press contacted Maj. gen. Peter Gatdet, he confirmed the same thing saying “I was surprised to read his statement on the media too like any body else” and continue to say that “I was told by Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth that there is a guy who came from America and claims to much about us” then Gen. Gatdet asks Gen. Gathoth to investigate. As a result, they found him as an instructor who must be investigate further. When learned that he is under investigation he just run and delared the internet defection and lies that he has six officers. But according to Gen. Gathoth, who are the Generals that he is talking about?



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