Our respect and proud to your names

By Chang Steven Gem

Our support, respect, proud and promise for your names is not to betray but to rescue us from what u know. we don’t think it as wise decision for u to step your first foot in Juba city and left us in bush started by u while u are the one who brought out this remnant three men of Nuer from the hand of brutal regime in Juba.

You are men to be given a credit for your well done job but nowadays those who get credit in Nuer community are those who work less than u! nowadays those who are in our front faces are those who can not even reach your historical work about Nuer community.back in a day no Nuer who didn’t called your names to rescue your people, at ones you did it!

We gave you all the credit but now you want to through it into fire! make sure that stepping your foot in Juba will Mark the first day we are going to forget you and your work you have done throughout this conflict. make sure that Nuer are not blaming general like Charles Lam, Hoth Mai and Gony Biliew, its because they loss apart in our heart as son of Nuer but your going to be part of this group will let us consider you as the same betrayers! so u needs to think back of who are you in your community!


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