BREAKING News: Alert to SPLM-IO, Please don not be fooled by this news that IO advance team scheduled to donate blood to hospitals in Juba

splm-io02.pngSPLM-IO advanced team scheduled to donate blood to hospitals in Juba
A leaked itinerary of the SPLM-IO advanced team currently in Juba, South Sudan, indicate a scheduled visit by all 150 members of the delegation to the blood bank in Juba to donate blood to the hospital – Saakam has learned.
A leaked itinerary of the SPLM-IO advance team currently in Juba show a scheduled visit by all 150 members of the delegation to the blood bank there to donate blood to the hospital – Saakam has learned.

According to reports, the news has further unsettled a few more Doubting-Thomases in the government, and they are fighting both tooth and nail to find legal, religious, tribal, political and constitutional grounds to stop this from happening before ‘selfless coup of the opposition’ doing something for others regardless of their feelings, kin or blood-type.

Since the leaking of the travel schedule and plans of the visiting peace-delegates, several secret meetings are ongoing in Juba but none has borne fruits to stop, or find grounds to stop the rebels from donating blood. New avenues are still being explored… the latest is calling on the Nuer Jehovah Witnesses to appeal to their kin in SPLM-IO to stop the craziness because donating blood is un-godly and ‘un-Nuery’ or ‘un-Naathy’

But members of the SPLM-IO seemed resolved to go ahead with the scheduled blood donation. They have even appealed to their supporters from within to join them in the national selfless quest.

It is estimated that the 150 members alone will yield about 75 liters of blood, enough to pull the hospital out of the acute blood shortage and rescue the lives of over 450 people in the next 3 weeks regardless of their creed, colour or sex.

But according to some experts, the blood of the SPLM-IO members will have to go through a few stages before it is made ready for use by South Sudanese patients who are now in dire need of blood transfusion.

“The fact that most of these donors came straight from the bush and from Ethiopia means that their blood has to be diluted to bring down the high levels of acid from eating too much hot sauces and peppery Ethiopian dishes. Also, the National Security are requesting the names and family genealogy all donors… such is the suspicion or naivety of not knowing what happens if blood from a hard-core rebel is transfused into a hard-core government supporter… this should not be a concern, but this is South Sudan!”

Asked why they are resolved to donate blood in Juba, and why they are secretive, a member of the delegation said they just wanted to start addressing some of the simple and addressable issues the nation is facing and donating blood does not cost a thing, but instead saves lives – and that is what SPLM-IO is about.

However the government does not trust that and has almost come close to calling it rebel-BS! One government supporter believes he can see through the doomed plans of the SPLM-IO….

“This is a chemical, biological and physical warfare by the SPLM-IO trying to infect and infest the people with their rebel blood… They think that by so doing, their ideas will spread like Ebola and everyone will be SPLM-IO by next year…. Wole!”

One question still puzzles the few sane men and women of this world: “All 150 have been screened and have passed their HIV and other blood-borne infectious diseases….”


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