Breaking News: Kirr sworn in 28 governors and asks some to be ready to step down

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Swering-In-of-28-governors-in-Juba-29-Dec-2015Kiir asks governors to be ready to step down for SPLM-IO

President Salva Kiir has asked some of the new governors to be ready to step down for SPLM IO members.

The leaders were sworn-in this morning.

“You have to step down if you’re asked to, because without [doing so], we cannot implement the agreement,” President Kiir told the governors during the swearing in ceremony.

The governors who will be affected by the return of SPLM-IO include Eastern Nile, Western Nile, Ruweng, Northern Liech, Southern Liech, Western Bieh, Eastern Bieh, and Latjoor.

Meanwhile, President Kiir has said the appointment of the 28 governors is not a violation of the peace agreement.

Kiir was responding to calls from the opposition to ‘rescind’ the decision.

The president says the states were a popular demand.

“The people have been demanded [these states] for long time and I really have to thank the people of South Sudan for their patience, waiting for the 28 states.”

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