Breaking News: Nuer people are being attacked inn Uganda a source at Basie is calling for help


Breaking News In Uganda, Nuer people in Uganda (bwasie) are in serious problem with Ugandan ,the problems was started yesterday at Eden services park in bwasie between boys and Uganda yesterday at 3:45 am and the hotel manager call police to help us we stage there in hall for 2hours and at police rescued us,at 6:30 am one of the Ugandan was shot by the police man ,the guys was trying to grab the gun of police man and he was shot to death ,now the situation has becoming worth now ,one boys panyijar today at 2:00pm was beaten up in bwasie and is in critical condition now .
now they re attacking nuer home in bwasie ,they attack almost two family now, please my people avoid passing bwasie now ,we need ur prayers, they re claiming that their people were killed in juba

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5 comments on “Breaking News: Nuer people are being attacked inn Uganda a source at Basie is calling for help”

  1. Malɛ yiɛn nɛi dial tin cieŋ kä Uganda, Cuarɛ dual ke min ci tuɔk kä yiɛɛ, a pal ni yiɛn, kɛ ɣöö palun ɛ jɛn in bi riɛk in dë tuɔk kä yie gaŋ. Bäkɔ Pal bä ke kui dun kä ŋa̱a̱thä je en ɣöö thiɛlɛ mi bi tuɔɔk kä yiɛ ɛ cäŋɛ min tɔt. Bi Kuär ni Kuoth te kɛ yiɛ kɛɛl.

  2. The situation now is not like yesterday the government of Uganda have take full responsibility to protect nuer against Ugandan civilians, God is handling it care fully ,all south Sudanese understand the situation already.

  3. Can Nuer refugee tell the truth to Ugandans civilians the Nuer didn’t kill your soldiers, it was the South Sudanese Dinka Goverment betraying and sold out the Ugandans soldiers/children to die for Dinka the Nuer are just victims even though Ugandan kill in the war in South Sudan it wasn’t Nuer meant to kill Ugandan future troops the Nuer were just defense themselves because they where getting clean up in the shape of East Africa. Please do not hate Nuer they love Ugandan people they were crying why Ugandan Government helping Dinka to clean Nuer out of the South Sudan when Ugandan Government should act as father for all of us, the Nuer crying even now is painful in their heart because they don,t get it, for one child to be isolated and kill for no reason.

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