77 Second batch of IO delegation arrive in Juba tomorrow

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Th Sudan’s SPLM/SPLA in opposition arrives in Juba, tomorrow Thursday.


Aly Verje, Spokesperson of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission – JMEC Secretariat says the second delegation is comprised of 77 delegates.

“We are expecting the second group to begin arriving tomorrow in Juba, about 77 people will travel from Pagak over the border to Gambela in Ethiopia where there is an airport which is larger enough to accommodate an aircraft to travel and then they will board the aircraft and come to Juba tomorrow.” Aly Verje told Miraya Breakfast show.

JMEC spokesperson says that the arrival of the second delegation is necessary to make operational the implementation of the various institutions.

” The next step is that we move forward to actions that are required to finalize the formation of the transitional Government of National Unity.”

Commenting on the recent appointment of governors for the newly created 28 states, Verje said JMEC is concerned about anything that may undermine the implementation of the agreement.

” Whether it is violation of the ceasefire or any other decision or any other action, whoever commits it whether it is one party or the other party. So that in sense we are concerned about the whole spectrum of what is possible.”

JMEC spokesperson however said it ‘its too early to say how JMEC would react to this particular issues.’

He however said that the Chairperson of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, Festus Mogae, insists that it is very important for all parties to comply with the agreement and that there is no deviation from it.

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