Breaking News: Gen. Taban said Juba need to learned what this peace meant

21111Row brews on cantonment of forces

Magdoline Joseph
SPLA soldiers sit in a vehicle in Juba
The government has rejected SPLM-IO allegations that it does not want keeping of opposition forces in Bahr el Ghazal and Equatoria regions.

Speaking during a press conference in Juba on Tuesday, SPLM-IO chief negotiator Gen Taban Deng Gai said the government wanted them to retain their forces in Upper Nile only.

General Gai stated that the government wants them to canton their forces in Upper Nile only.

“It has never happened in CPA and it will not happen in this peace deal the sons and daughters of Equatoria who have taken up arms will be organized and cantoned in their region,” Gen Gai told the media.

However, Presidential press secretary Ateny Wek Ateny says the government only proposed to SPLM-IO to negotiate the issue.

“The government did not refuse. If there is any point of disagreement, we have to go back to JMEC and JMEC can give advice to the two parties,” Mr Ateny said.

“It’s an issue of negotiation because all the parties that have signed the peace agreement are members of JMEC.”


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