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Hon. Charles Kisanga, the new chairman and C-in-C of SSPF, the arrow boys of Western Equatoria(

The South Sudan People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF)/Arrow Boys has strongly condemned the latest attacks of civilians in Yambio one day before the New Year’s Eve.

In a press statement posted on his Facebook page, Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of South People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF)/Arrow Boys Lt Gen Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga said attacks against civilians and dstruction of properties in Yambio especially n Masiya within Yambio cannot be condoned.

“The office of chairman of SS People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF)/Arrow Boys has received the sad news of the attacks in Yambio against civilians and their properties on the night of 30th December 2015 around Masiya area by unknown armed youth and condemns it as barbaric act of violence. In this attack even a pregnant woman was raped and she is currently admitted at Yambio hospital,” alleges the SSPPF/Arrow Boys leader Charles Barnaba Kisanga.

Masiya is an area located about 5 miles away from Yambio centre. Kisanga complains that the defunct Government representing the tribal system in Juba is not capable of proving security of the population. It’s now a norm that thieves are protected while innocent civilians die in the hands of thieves, lawbreakers and their protectors while the Government is doing nothing to protect the civilians.

“However our intelligence says the gunmen involved are thought to come from defunct, so called South Sudan Liberation movement which claimed to sign peace agreement with Government and which was coached by Maj Gen Patrick Zamoi. However after the collapse of the agreement the armed group have been on rampage since then,” Kisanga has explained.

Lt Gen Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga has taken a strong stance on the security concerns in WES to bring the insecurity under control by disarming all illegal armed groups in the area that become a threat to civilians.

“Hence from today I have ordered the really SSPPF/Arrow Boys forces to be the only legitimate armed group besides the Government forces in WES. Any other group roaming and harming civilians must be disarmed by the forces under me. We already started with that. The armed youth who attacked and looted Solidarity has been apprehended by our forces.”

“The good news is we already disarmed the gang yesterday and 14 AK-47 guns seized from them. One car and most of the items of the nuns have been recovered including an IPAD. Today I ordered that all these items and car be taken to Solidarity or the Catholic Church premises as soon a way of communicating with the Church is established.”

Patrick Zamoi, the General in control of the forces of the Arrow Boys didn’t act aggressively to arrest the situation and protect the civilians, Kisanga will step in to do the job that Zamoi faled to do.

“Now because Patrick Zamoi cannot provide protection to the people of Yambio from the roaming gangsters he helped in keeping alive, I have ordered our forces to move to Yambio town this evening and guarantee smooth new years running. People should not be scared of our forces coming from Saura to Yambio this evening. The forces under my commanded are to confront the armed youth not under our control and disarm them unless they agreed to come under the organized military forces of SSPPF/Arrow Boys,” he continued.

If the Government doesn’t observe the cessation of hostilities, the Arrow Boys movement will step in, not only in self-defense but also to clean up the gangs that harm innocent civilians on daily basis in the area.

“As such I am ordering the protection of our civilians by our forces and I call on SPLA to keep away from our troops since we are observing ceasefire and only dealing with armed gangs whom the WES Government cannot control.”

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