Breaking News: Governor Konga criticizes names of new Central Equatoria states

Swering-In-of-28-governors-in-Juba-29-Dec-2015Governor Konga criticizes names of new Central Equatoria states

The ousted governor of Central Equatoria State Clement Wani Konga has criticized the names of the three new states created by presidential order, saying the presidency failed to consult communities on the names.

Speaking at a reception ceremony for the three newly appointed governors held on Wednesday, the Central Equatoria strongman expressed concern on the naming of the new states, stressing that each of the three states should have kept “Equatoria” as part of their names, as a symbol of unity to the people of the region.

The Central Equaria governor said the names where brought from the presidency, adding that it was not clear that the people of the state were consulted at all on the names.

“What I expect and what I want is that Juba is the centre of the whole of the Central Equatoria, so let Juba (Jubek State) be renamed as Mid-Central Equatoria State, Terekeka will be North-Central Equatoria State, and Yei will be South-West.”

He continued: “If Yei is divided into two then Kajo-Keji will be South-South Central Equatoria State and Yei will retain South-West Central Equatoria State. If Jubek is divided into two they will be East and West Central Equatoria State. The name Equatoria should remain there.”

Konga himself was ousted from his position in August by presidential decree. He had served as governor since 2005 and was reelected to the position in 2010.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of Central Equatoria Youth Union has also expressed dissatisfaction on the omission of the phrase “Central Equatoria” from the name of the new states.

“The presidential order number 36 for dividing Central Equatoria into Jubek State, Terekeka State and Yei River State should be a pride for our people of these states to give access to basic services but not to be a means of dividing our people for personal interest. The name Equatoria is an identity of spirit of nationhood justified by its ability to unite the numerous tribes… our pride to be called Central Equatoria or a son or a daughter of Equatoria,” he said.

The youth leader pointed out that the names of various social organizations that can bind people together have remained unchanged, including the Central Equatoria Council of Traditional Chiefs, Central Equatoria Youth Union, and Central Equatoria Women’s Union.


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