Breaking News: War breaks out this morning in Yambio Western Equatoria Region

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Press Release: 3rd January 2016
PPF condemns heavy fighting around Yambio this mourning
The office of chairman of SS People’s Patriotic Front (SSPPF/Arrow Boys) condemns new fighting in Yambio area between elements of Arrow boys and SPLA commando unit from Nzara this morning.

The commandos from Nzara attacked the forces based in Saura( seven miles form Yambio) with mortars and heavy machine guns leading to the population of Yambio fleeing toward Congo boarders and even some packing to go to Uganda finally fearing the fighting will reach town.
I call upon the signatories s of peace agreement IGAD, SPLM-IO , Troika and JMEC to work toward realization of ceasefire in Western Equatoria because some of the these fighting is not encouraged by the leadership of PPF /Arrow Boys who are affiliated to SPLM-IO but has coming via the misunderstanding between some elements of Arrow boys who has been signing peace pact with WES Government or some of those who refuse to take command from my leadership.

I have organised command of the Arrow Boys Army in WES into two Divisions: Gbudue Division and Nerran Division and the are commanded respectively by Major Gen James Umbdayo Muzari and Maj Gen Henry Maleshi.

We are affiliated to SPLM-IO and respecting the ceasefire and observing all the rules of engagement and human right is respected that unless we are attacked we cannot initiate hostilities during this time.
We are still hoping for complete implementation of signed peace and until IGAD/JEMC tells us Peace Agreement implementation not working, then we can declare full scale war. Hence any fighting to undermine peace and current ceasefire is against our spirit of observing the ceasefire and waiting for full implementation of Compromise Agreement.
Hence I’m calling upon Major Gen Parick Zamoi to come to his senses and stop the fighting immediately. How can he claim to be Governing in Yambio when he has initiated process of depopulation of the area via his encouraging SPLA to attack some Arrow Boys forces.

Let him check out many people still in Yambio today and we are talking about SPLM-IO advance team going there?

Lt Gen Eng. Charles Barnaba Kisanga
Chairman and Commander In Chief SSPPF/Arrow Boys.

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