Breaking News: M7 of Uganda Declared war if he losses election

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South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (R) talks with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni during the Great Lakes Summit in Kampala on September 8, 2012. Regional heads of state began talks on September 8 in an effort to find a lasting solution to chronic unrest in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. AFP PHOTO/PETER BUSOMOKE (Photo credit should read PETER BUSOMOKE/AFP/GettyImages)

Museveni giving instructions to Mbabazi during the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi before the latter broke ties with the ruling party
Museveni giving instructions to Mbabazi during the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi before the latter broke ties with the ruling party

By: Kim Aine

President Museveni has directed some of his highest ranking military and intelligence chiefs to prepare adequately for a possible all-out war being planned by presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi.

ChimpReports can exclusively report that Museveni made the order recently while meeting with UPDF Generals including Salim Saleh at State House Entebbe.

Quoting intelligence from Go Forward camp, Museveni said planned violence aimed at “recreating the South Sudan situation here to force us to share power” could even start before elections.

South Sudan Vice President Dr Riek Machar reportedly attempted a coup against President Salva Kiir in December 2013, sparking off a protracted conflict that has left thousands dead and millions grappling with a hunger catastrophe.

The economy is now in shambles considering that oil, whose prices have tumbled considerably, was the major source of revenue for the country.

Kiir has since been pressured by the international community to share power with Machar.

“You can call me whatever you like….that I have failed to do this and that but why do you plan to burn down an entire city? Innocent people’s business?” Museveni was quoted as saying as military chiefs took notes.

The head-of-state, who started a rebellion with 26 men in 1981 before seizing power in 1986, also gave a lecture on the evolution of the state and the challenges Uganda is facing as it struggles to take-off to a middle class economy.

Museveni said on the political front, he had a “few challenges with careerists” but that the army would not allow any attempts to destabilie Uganda.

He said security at military installations including barracks, training schools, armouries and command centres must be tightened 24/7.

Last year, armed men raided Mbuya barracks with the view of looting the armoury and shelling some parts of Kampala.

Most of the assailants were taken out of action shortly after storming the strategically located military facility.

A few months later, dozens of military personnel were arrested after a plot to attack Kabamba was leaked to president Museveni.

Museveni further urged military intelligence chief Brig Charles Bakahumura to “prepare the most comprehensive notes on these plans”, indentify and monitor infiltrators and “those who want to destroy us from within.”

The President also indicated he had created a special investigations unit headed by Sydney Asubo to probe acts of money laundering in the country.

“We are yet to know where money meant for destabilising Uganda is coming from,” Museveni spoke to the Generals.


ChimpReports has learned that since Museveni’s instructions, the military has been on a high level of alertness to respond to any eventuality.

“No one will get power by surprise. We have the ability to protect this nation – the people and their property. We have that capacity,” said a senior security official who talked to us on condition of anonymity.

We were unable to speak to Mbabazi when we posted this story.

However, the Go Forward candidate has repeatedly denied any plans to use violence to seize power.

While Mbabazi had started on a high note during his consultation meetings, the Go Forward camp started imploding at the beginning of December with many of his key strategists joining the mainstream NRM camp.

As the structures which had been created right from the grassroots to the national level started crumbling, Mbabazi could hardly mobilise huge rallies that would give Museveni sleepless nights.

With all this happening, opposition ironman Dr Kizza Besigye performed better than the Go Forward representative.

According to sources, Mbabazi fears humiliation in the 2016 elections thus planning acts of violence.

“He is not someone who will easily concede defeat. The violence is aimed at portraying himself as having been rigged out of the race.”

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