Land belong to Community (brave Chiefs, Generals, Youths and rationale politicians)

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Please my readers, I ask your understanding of frustration with Dinka community’s collective presidency reign of terror in expend of South Sudan as a country of 64 tribes (communities). I am so sorry because I use Dinka (in general) instead Salva Kiir or Dictator to represent Dinka destruction on South Sudan for I do not entertain politics over community (land) distinction or extermination issues.

This is the last wait to entertains someone to join the bandwagon for it has been 3 years long no Dinka forces burnt alive a Dinka, neither set Dinka village on fire nor its land annex by decree to a none-Dinka community or cluster bombs dropped on Dinka youths by Dinka/Salva Kiir.

South Sudan communities (64 tribes) should learn to tell truth and differentiate between the languages used by politicians and Generals the greater confusion when pronouncing Dinka collective misbehavior as Salva Kiir, the rubberstamp the radical Dinka politicians/warlords displays on SSTV for satisfaction of Dinka reign of terror, of no return to peaceful co-existence.

This brought illusion between peace lover or nationalist who give up good cause for South Sudan and one’s own community’s (own) liberty only to sing a song in Dinka, or give into cowardice that portray ill nationalists and foxhunters, not knowing that its act of betrayal of South Sudan; for example, Dinka elders’ cabinet those ululated their own lands expropriation bill advancing Dinka expansion (28 states donating posture land to Dinka) out of fear or go hunger, instead losing national pride and risking future generations, and the true peace lover, hero and nationalist, the one objects tribal government/Dinka monarchy albeit, e.g. SPLM-DC leaders (Dr. Lam & Hon. Adigo), SPLM/A-IO (Dr. Machar, Gen. Gore, Dr. Nyaba, Lt. Gen. Olony, 95% Nuer/Shilluk Generals, politicians/community and Arrow Boys (Equatorians youths, Generals & politicians)), Gen. Youhannis of own Tiger against 28 states in Wedakona, and 28 Hon. MPs against Dinka expansion’s 28 states illegal constitutional amendment.

Dinka’s 28 states governors are celebratings; Dinka community are out on the streets in huge happier and in jubilation like was celebration in Awiel and Warrap in July/2013 when Dr. Machar was removed from vice presidency. The Nuer and South Sudanese ignored it out of fear or ignorance to Nuer cleansing despite its one’s rights to rule as Dinka as Salva Kiir.

Meanwhile, the Dinka elders appointed non-Dinka: Shiluk, Nuer, Murle and Equatorians governors are in heart-attack celebrations mode; where no single community member is taking roads ululating, neither going to their headquarters in open arm nor feeling happy.

These show that it’s not the intention of South Sudanese at large but some do responded to Dinka 28 gubernatorial appointments out of fear and foxmeat of survival. What does it take for a man to give up duty to act instead continue giving up his future liberty to buy today bread which God has given to each equally? To me it’s nothing than a slavery servitude use so only to die with less dignity and pride per se the whole communities diminish so soon.

In South Sudan naked case, one can see the benefit of having a community son/daughter a president. By using state power, your community flourish by confiscating people lands, kills the nations in your favour, terrorist families so only your sons/daughters can deserve lordship marriage over slaves, steal the nation by your name and build a palace in space, you can predict future in your favour and never know how much your community’s poor men dying in defense of those short-lived objectives because you are told that our friends UPDF and JEM were brought/bought to die for you.

Despite Land Tenure provision under Art.171 of 2011 South Sudan transitional constitution that divided land into “public, community and private land,” land is owned by people as per Art.170 of the same violated constitution. Community can defense its ancestral inherent land.

South Sudanese, even politicians, Generals, experts and international community failed to take note that there is no government in Juba rather the Dinka tribe elders littering in the name of South Sudan misusing state power for tribal hegemonies satisfaction.

One can question, what happens to people (Nuer, Shilluk, Zande, Mandari, Moro, Fertit, etc) to resist and defeat their brother (Dinka) weak domination and manipulation when Arab & British indeed resisted & failed? Are South Sudanese not yet pet up seeing few in the puppet parliament, Judiciary, Justice and kitchen cabinet enforces illegal bills & orders applauding one tribe satisfaction against South Sudanese calling the ill activities “people demand?” Is the Dinka tribe the people of South Sudan (64 tribes), when 63 tribes, whose lands taken by force in the process of Dinka expansion (28 states), aren’t happy?

Next to brave Shilluk Kingdom (Generals, elites & politicians), only timely “top traditional leaders the chiefs of Bul-Nuer community of Mayom county, Jikany-Nuer of Guit county and Leek-Nuer of Rubkotni county, whose big chunks of lands have been curved and given to Dinka neighbours, warned of pending wars and resumption of inter-communal wars in the young nation as a result of president Salva Kiir’s decreed tribal 28 states which had taken away their ancestral lands and given them to the neighbouring Dinka communities, the president’s tribe” (sudantribune published), whose empire he is expanding.

All the silent communities Chiefs would buy the reaction of paramount chiefs of Mayom, Guit and Rubkona County “who rubbished president Kiir’s decision referring to it as unpopular demand of the people of South Sudan and warned of repercussions to annex parts of their ancestral lands to Dinka langs by use of state power.

We believe the decision was deliberately made by Kiir to install Dinka tribal empire and dominion in South Sudan and to weaken other ethnic communities in the country so that he and his Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) would rule the country with more powers consolidated in the centre and with impunity,” sudantribune published.

Into Dinka Empire full expansion: Raja merged in; Chollo Land 50% gone; Greater Lou Nuer land 25% gone; Greater Jikäny 35% seized; Greater Fangak 45% taken; and “in Unity states president Kiir’s decree of 28 states has taken away a number of their villages including Nyabol, BarYok, Kailuoy, RiangTuroal, Thai Bany, Nor Lam wel, Barkuor, Thayang, Yaak, Luonyluony and Chirchir from Rubkotna county and have been annexed to the neighbouring Dinka of the newly created Ruweng state;

Land taken from the Bul-Nuer community and annexed to Ruweng state of the Dinka community include villages of Tharuop, KonguonNyang, Buroch, Daploy, Norkur, Thoar Gai Geng, Wulle, Pajook, Kaikang, Buem, Ngol, Kueyian, Lil, Bornyang, Paguir, Ciengthoah, Yap, Gera, Phamjaa, Thogaguir, Juoyloth, Watwat, Pulkerekna, Rawyim, Yiediet, Luot, Pham, Patriak, Normanlok, Tharwang, Wicnyang, Pibor, Gaap, Wuonegor, Makuach, Mathiang, Buuth, Nyedeng, Haat, Buongpiny, Puljupni, Kaijaa, Thowulokthol, Muoth, Wiyierthow, Gabuer, Jokyang, Biey, Thorpadang, Mabil, Malual, Tuachbor, Maarnaath and Duay;

Jokchoat, Garak, Nyakier, Thoardiok, Wichyaka, Bahraar, Kuerboni (Manga), Kuerguei, Keach, Manyang, Lel Guan Yach, Bathgak, Munduoch, WichbarGatluak Bol, Keaw, Lied, Gueny, Nyawai were taken away by president Kiir’s decree from the Jikany-Nuer of Guit county, in a violation of country’s transitional constitution,” sudantribune posted.

What else remain to wait? To give politics and diplomacy or Dinka versus JMEC (international community) war a chance, the Equatorians, Nuer & Shilluk communities’ politicians, generals and elites should collectively make it clear to JMEC and international that it’s time for Dinka Empire expansion. Since Ancient Empires were expanded and fallen by use of force. So not to mislead international community Equatorians, Nuer and Chollo if not all 63 tribes, excluding Dinka, must early spell few reminders to international community:

  1. Kiir’s Dinka Elders decision of taking away territories by forces mean creating more conflicts all over South Sudan;
  2. The decree deprived other South Sudanese of their inherent rights; it’s not the interest of the people, its Dinka expansion interest;
  3. Kiir and Dinka Elders deliberately planting conflicts between the Chollo, Nuer & other tribes whose land compulsorily taken by and Dinka community that soon will deliver South Sudan in hell. The future of South Sudan looks dark and bleaking;
  4. Kiir & his Dinka tribal organization, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), intended to divide the country; other tribes must declare their Independent countries from Dinka Empire if not defeat the monarchy by all means;
  5. Kiir must reverse this 28 states decree for legal 10 states in order to achieve peace.

I write this reminder and point of clarification since all peaceful means were tried but seem impossible to import peace to South Sudan. I write in my capacity as a South Sudanese angered and provoked by the act of anarchy, false proud and madness by Dinka Elders ululated by entire Dinka tribes that falsely meaning one tribe a country South Sudan.

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