Breaking News: Gen. Peter Gatdet distance himself from so called advance team to Juba bt Gathoth Gatkuoth


The group that have gone to Juba not longer my group
The advance team arrived in South Sudan capital Juba and used the name SSAF no longer a part of FDP/SSAF anymore. The peace signed between group in Nairobi and government group, I Gen Peter Gatdet not part of that peace signed. Mario,Tot Choul and Yoal Doak are disgruntled politicians! They are after self interest.
That signed paper is not peace. Those politicians have no different with Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Deng looking for positions.
I Gen Peter Gatdet always say the peace South Sudanese people deserve must dress the root cause of the war and must be inclusive.

Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka, the war has taken nearly two years without reaching any conclusive compromises agreements at the same time as the citizens continue to suffer as war escalates.
Addis Ababa peace talks are about Riek Machar Teny and Taban Deng looking for positions’ it is not the peace people of South Sudan want’’ We all need peace hard-wearing peace to silence the guns! We would have support this peace if all victimized and war participant like white Army considered and other parties were consulted’
Politicians should not deceive South Sudan people for fake peace” the gun must be the technique to bring in the change to South Sudan.
Therefore current government in Juba must be replaced by a national broad-base government agreed upon by all the South Sudan political parties of all the South Sudan political parties shall be convened immediately to discuss and agree on the transitional process and form a transitional government of South Sudan that shall prepare the newly born state, right from the separation of two army.

I disagreed with Riek Machar because the leadership of Riek Machar becomes the symbol of hate, conflict and obstacles to peace as battling over his position. Thousands and thousands of innocents Nuer, similarly the two community of Nuer and Dinka have become so polarized and divided to the extent that one community will rejected the leadership of the other I Gen Peter Gatdet ask you South Sudanese people in particular you Nuer in four sections sons and daughters of South Sudan to consider and choose your own leader I Gen Peter Gatdet strongly oppose the SPLM re-unification agreement, signed in Arusha, Tanzania on 21h January 2015.
That was one of the factors for our differences between me Gen Gatdet and Riek Machar when we the generals of SPLM/A in Opposition have lost CONFIDENCE IN THE LEADERSHIP OF RIEK MACHAR TENY”
Therefore to bring a sustainable peace and development to the people of South Sudan I Gen Peter Gatdet insist to you all people of South Sudan, all political parties, regional leaders and international community to support us “I Gen. Gatdet call ahead all our gallant forces and the white-army to remain united wherever they are in our areas of control” and on the other hand I call on all the political parties to join hands and restore the nation from collapse… “ what I m telling you all four Nuer section Dr. Riek Machar turns his back and wants his post as Vice President again for the second time and his leadership has failed our nation, brings division to our communities at large. Riek Machar is responsible for igniting the current crisis. We strongly rejected the peace that maintains Riek Machar leadership of the transitional Government of National Unity. The Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) should be led by South Sudanese who have the Country and its people at heart.”

Gen Peter Gatdet Yak, the Chairman of the movement and the commander in Chief FDP/SSAF



  1. I think this article was not written by General Gatdet. If it was written by him, i could would ask him that why you are talking about Riek Machar rather than Kiir that murdered your people before and still murder your people now? Was you rebel because Kiir massacred your Nuer people or Riek massacred your Nuer people in 2013? I think, what the Nuer do not understand is a Dinka dividing politic that they play on Nuer. Dinka get political opportunity and successes in the entire Sudan when they divided Nuer into groups. They used to this politic and it becomes inheritance politic to them where by they passing this political strategy to their generations that Nuer are being won in politic when they are divided into many groups. If Nuer are together, they are so strong politically and military and they cannot be break apart. But, my question again is that why Nuer do not see that dividing politic of Dinka for many years in the entire Sudan? And when will Nuer see it if not now or before? Can i say shame on to you Nuer or can i wait your respond? Dojiok

  2. Simply not Gen.Gatdet Yak’s written this message. Gatluke Reat found himself nowhere to go so that he is really connecting with Gens that he claimers.

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