Call for an Action: The South Sudanese traditional Cultural system of naming their sons and daughters is in state of total Despair.

Which system of naming should South Sudanese go for?

The South Sudanese’s traditional cultural system of naming themselves is at critical stage and battling the infiltrated East African and Western culturing of naming where the names are taking different character, order and form.

In western system of naming, the given/first name and last/family name are taking the form, character and order which can be seen contrary to South Sudanese naming system.

For those who happened to be from the western world, their names would come in order of given/first name and last/family name, where the place of father name is not appearing, a two naming system that is giving difficulty to those who know individual according to South Sudanese naming system.

In East Africa three names do appeared in mixed order where you could not know which one refer to father name or grandfather and given name. If someone happened to be from East African educational system,  their names take this form of last/family/surname . This style of naming is giving serial confusion South Sudanese people who have not been to that part civilization and cultures of naming.

Those who happen to come from Sudanese educational systems adapted four names system, where first name in the order mean first/given name, the second name would indicate father name or middle name, third name would go for family family name/grandfather and the forth name has no grand grandfather . This is also difficult when filling online form which accept two or there naming system with one space accepting only single name at a time.

In Ethiopia, the system cannot temper with naming order, character and form of your names. Their system of naming is designed base on three names, first name, middle name and family name.

In here, where I am taking up my education, the system is using both western system with Indian tradition where state some one hail from appeared in the names. This is okay with them as nation.

When the system try to temper with my names, I told them that it’s wrong, my name is not Walgak Beljonglei, but Walgak Chuol Bel where are all my record where changed accordingly.

South Sudanese names are mix of all those names imported from different cultures which are supported by oriented technologies that recognize their social way of giving name to themselves.

Which system of naming should South Sudanese have to follow in order to avoid such an inconvenience?

The author is South Sudanese citizens residing in India and can be write at




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