Breaking News: Salva Kirr is planning to eliminate SPLM IO Generals

untitledSalva Kiir Government Prepares To Eliminate SPLA-IO General, Gen. Martin Kenyi
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By Justin S. KwajeJuba,

Shocking disclosure reached our desk as the SPLM-IO advance teams with their counterparts from the government under the umbrella of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation commission/JMEC are making efforts to end the bloodshed.

Close sources to JJ Okot, confirmed by other higher sources in the Military elite, with insiders knowledge, revealed that a highly secretive meeting with its minutes classified, was conducted by the chief of general staff, Paul Malong, Defense Minister Koul Manyang Juuk, and the die hard kiir’s supporter J.J Akot, to ensure, General Martin Kenyi does not live and must be assassinated.

Not very surprising is the name of an Equatorian in this plot, JJ. Okot, the Commanding general for Division 6 based in Western Equatoria and Lakes states, that killed numerous civilians in Western Equatoria with thousands displaced into DR.Congo per the latest UN report, thus it is not surprising he is trusted by the tribal Juba regime.

Per other sources, JJ Okot is a long time enemy of Gen. Martin Kenyi dating back to the war of liberations. Other observers in Magwi County, among both the Ma’di and the Acholis, other than some of his close clan, blames him as the chief architect of the unrest between the sisterly tribes engineered by the Jiengs.

The credible source, with full knowledge and access to the three generals named above, revealed security leakage about the closed doors meeting held by the three, who according to the source, requesting his name to be held due to sensitivity of the matter, said the three generals have plot an assassination attempt on the life of Major General Martin Kenyi Tartisio immediately upon his arrival in Juba International airport.

The three have made selections of highly trained snipers from among the presidential guard to carry the assassination immediately on the way from Juba International Airport, and if the plan to assassinate Martin Kenyi on the way from airport failed, the assigned soldiers (snipers) from Tiger presidential guard should follow him (Martin Kenyi) to the Hotel and assassinate him from his hotel room. The time frame given was within three days. This is an important window before JMEC/UN affords him security.

This is urgent and serious life and peace threatening news. We at south Sudan Liberty News have taken it seriously and we urged those in the close company of General Kenyi to take extra precautions and advise him not to set his feet to Juba. We understand that General Kenyi was supposed to have come with the members of SPLA-IO advance team first batch, but due to some illness he was unable to travel with the team but have rescheduled to fly to Juba in the next 24 hours. Other sources indicate that General Kenyi is scheduled to arrive Juba Airport tomorrow.

According to the inside source, who leaked the security meeting details, indicates that Kiir, JCE and the three generals believe it is urgent and imperative to eliminate General Kenyi as they blame him for all the popular upraising in Equatoria regions but more so in Eastern Equatoria, particularly in the Ma’di corridor believing his death will paralyze the Ma’di uprising and become crippled within days and solve “the Equatorian headaches” as they called it.

The master-planners concluded that when General Kenyi is put to death, the rest of rebellions including the leadership of the Arrow Boys will cease their hostilities against the government, that way the Equatorian region will be free from any resistant movement, this will enable the government forces to concentrate in Upper Nile, clearing what they called in their closed doors meeting the “divided, exhausted and bankrupt” rebellion of Riek Machar.

The Rebels in Ma’di corridor are seen by Juba as an existential threat to the tribal regime of Salva Kiir Mayerdit, chiefly due to the Juba-Nimule highway which runs through the heart of the Ma’di corridor.

Additionally the Source revealed that, since 1994s, Ma’di corridor housed more than 100.000 Dinka IDPs with an estimated number of 500,000 cows roaming freely, this new breed of Ma’di rebellion is seen by the Dinka as a threat to their goals to turn Ma’diland into Jieng land, and they concluded Kenyi must be eliminated to achieve such.

Other methods considered by the three general involved eliminating General Kenyi in a Car accident, food poisonings and recruitment of plain cloths security operatives, however they voted for the Sniper to get the job done without missing a chance, which they shall blame on the insecurities in Juba.

As it can be recalled, juba did not have friendly relations with General Kenyi, even before his rebellions to Join Dr. RIek Machar, he was thrown in Jail without Charges, until taken out of Jail by Equatorian boys during the black December 2013. While in Nairobi, the Juba regime continued to seek means for his demise, using his own Kin, Ambassador John Andruga.

We at SSLN urge the chairman of SPLA-IO, Dr Rieck Machar, to hold back the arrival of the Equatorian heavy weight, Gen. Martin Kenyi until the full security implementations and Juba is demilitarized, We also urge the UN to ensure the securities of these former rebels who put their lives in the lions den for the sake of peace are protected. This is not a vein call, given despite of the peace deals and the amnesty issued by Kiir, he, the president continued to fight Kenyi’s forces in Ma’di corridor and as we learned today executed numerous Youth in Yambio.

Kiir and his group has yet to show any gestures of good will or a sign of being tired of blood shed but rather are unwilling partners to this peace and grudgingly found themselves in what they do not believe in nor bought into as they are stuck into bloodsheds and tribal agendas.

The author, Justin S. KwajeJuba, is a South Sudanese journalist living in Juba. He can be


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