Breaking News:Gen.Taban Gai VS. Gen. Lado Gore Tension in the House of the IO

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Equatoria Union)

By: Imatong Mountains Post Communicator

It is not longer a hidden secret that the second man of the rebel movement is losing supporters one by one. Alfred Gore, the man who supported Riek is now on his way to live as a lone wolf. In the last year 2015, people designate themselves as the members of SPLM/SPLA hailing from Greater Equatoria (GET) region, one of the three regions of the Republic of South Sudan assembled and performed consultations on 6th to 11th June 2015 for the purpose of dismissing Alfred Gore from their organization.

Today Alfred Gore feels like an outlier among the SPLM-IO leaders as Machar is diverting his friendship toward Dr. Dhiew Mathok, a man Riek Machar just promoted a few days ago from civilian status to become 1st Lieutenant General. Gore felt he is now being treated with less respect by the chairman of the SPLM-IO, Dr. Riek Machar.

In the middle of 2015, rumors hit the rebels inner circle that Gore was angered by Taban Deng statement where Deng asked how could people without fighters in the rebels army are being favored more than him. Alfred Gore knew that Taban Deng was referring to him and other leaders held from Greater Equatoria (GET) region.

Some leaders of the SPLM-IO movement are not thrilled to see Gore being treated like an outlier for the reason he has no people in the rebel army. They confirmed that there is no doubt that the Chairman of SPLM-IO and his deputy are not talking that much any longer. They fear this poor relationship between Riek Machar and Alfred Gore will force Gore to separate from the IO, formed his own group and negotiate with the government as an independent party distant from the IO. They are not sure though whether Alfred Gore will keep the SPLM-IO or choose a different name if he defected.

It not new that top leaders of the SPLM-IO have defected after they accused their chairman Riek Machar by acting as a dictator and running the government as his own property. Many of the SPLM-IO who defected form their own groups cited that Dr. Riek Machar is even worse than Salva Kiir. They state that he is a leader without a clear vision but poor leadership.

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