Breaking News: Government Forces Raid Lt. Gen Ladu Gore Village

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Yesterday the Government Forces lunched attack in Central Equatoria, Lobonok Payam County , Juba capital city. It’s the home of Vice president of south Sudan , James Wani Igga who hails from the Bari Ethnic tribe, it’s also the hometown of The deputy Chairman of SPLM/SPLA Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore, the attack resulted in more than 9 civilians dead and more than 15 found wounded,

The government forces did not stop their, they also went as far as taking prisoners and hostages. The Press team of Equatoria Union received this report from our high profile reporter this morning at 10am central time. The reporter stressed that he was in contact with the deputy Chairman of the SPLM/SPLA to receive comments on the attack by government forces after signing peace. They spoke at around 12:30 AM on the 10th of January, hence the deputy chairman was not aware yet of the attack as he has said he cannot comment at the moment, but he condemns any attack in Equatoria caused by the government of south Sudan after a peace have been signed between his forces and salva kiir forces. Southern Bari the him of the deputy chairman is about 30 to 50km from South of Juba the capital city south Sudan.

Reason’s for the attacks are not yet known, some are already claming that the vice president of south Sudan Wani Igga made the call for the government Forces to raid the villages of Lobonok as a warning to Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore. The citizen’s are already blaming wani igga for remaining silent while his village is being attacked and raided, it is said that the vice president wani igga has completely lost support from the Bari ethnic tribe as well as the equatorian community.

More updates from this situation will be made available to the public. We stress that you continue to follow your local broadcast from Equatoria Union.

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