Breaking News: Former Juba Mayor is taking Dr. Riek to court for appointed him while he is not their member

babaAppointed MP Threatens Lawsuit Against SPLM/SPLA Chairman, Calls For His Name To Be Dropped!
Former Juba mayor, Mohammed El-Hag Bab-Allah Luala, reacting to his appointment as MP for the oppositions, SPLM/SPLA-IO, calls on Dr. Riek Machar to apologize for his appointment(Photo: supplied)
Former Juba mayor, Mohammed El-Hag Bab-Allah Luala, reacting to his appointment as MP for the oppositions, SPLM/SPLA-IO, calls on Dr. Riek Machar to apologize for his appointment

I, Mohammed El-Hag Bab-Allah Luala, a South Sudanese Citizen from Jubek State, from Juba North Constituency, is a member of the Sudan people’s Liberation Movement Party since 12 July 2007.

I joined the SPLM totally believing in its objective, principles and vision as enshrined in the Party’s noble constitution and other documents that contributed in ushering southern Sudan to become a free, independent, and democratic Republic in Africa. Since I joined the SPLM 9 years ago, with honour and respect I have diligently served the party and the people of South Sudan un-wavered.

Allowed me to extend my sincere gratitude and congratulation to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit, for decreeing the establishment of the 28 States in the Republic of South Sudan and the subsequent appointments of the 28 Governors on the Christmas Eve as a gift to the gallant people of South Sudan who have suffered terribly under Sudan colonialism. Mr. President you have responded to the popular demand of the people of South Sudan who have been longing for establishment of federalism in our country.

Your Excellency, on the 7th January 2016, when I was at the opening sitting of the SPLM convention at the Freedom Hall in Juba, at the time you were delivering your historic keynote speech to the people of South Sudan, I was shocked to learn that you have issued a decree appointing 50 MPs from the SPLM-IO including my humble person as a member of the SPLM.

This Press Release I am issuing is to inform Your Excellency, the Chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), His Excellency, the former President of Botswana, Festus Mogae, that I, Mohammed El-Hag Bab-Allah, is not and will not be a member of the SPLM-IO as I am registered and active member of the SPLM Party under the leadership of His Excellency General Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Therefore, I am officially protesting the inclusion of my name in the list of the SPLM-IO MPs for the National Legislative Assembly without my due information, consultation and consent. Your Excellency, none of the SPLM leaders or members have asked me or I have been in contact with anyone from the SPLM-IO to beg for a position whether at the national level or state.

The SPLM Party have asked me several times to serve as MP in the National Parliament but respectfully declined the work of legislature as I believe I can serve the SPLM in other areas. I am a successful business man who does not hunt for positions cheaply through the SPLM-IO.

Mr. President, allowed me to inform you through this press release that the inclusion of my name in the SPLM-IO list of 50 MPs is a deliberate attempt by some circle to eliminate from holding positions in the SPLM-led government of national unity and at the State level.

I am officially calling on former President, the Chairman of JMEC, Festus Mogae to immediately drop my name as one of the SPLM-IO 50 MPs as I have not accepted it from day one.

I want to assure the general public that, I am a representative of my constituency in Jubek State not Central Equatoria State. There is no more a state called Central Equatoria following the establishment of the 28 State. I am a citizen of South Sudan from Jubek State. I am a proud Jubekan citizen.

I want to reaffirm to the SPLM leadership and members that I have not quit this historic party to seek positions in the government through the SPLM-IO ticket. To the people of Jubek State, the people of South Sudan and my constituency of Juba North, I am still an active member of the SPLM, and willing to serve my party anywhere, anytime when directed by my Chairman, General Salva Kiir Mayardit; not Riek Machar and his cohorts.

I am urging Dr. Riek Machar to apologize for dragging my name through the mud as he intended to assassinate my character and image as active SPLM member otherwise I will file a lawsuit against him.

Mohammed El-Hag Bab-Allah

Former Mayor of Juba.




  1. Bab-Allah is a player. Before you join SPLM where were u if I can ask? u already a known and re-known figure…. Keep on playing your smart cardsLOL

  2. Magcian Riak thinks everyboy in south sudan has forgotten the visions of the mainstream SPLM party. getting military and financial support from Bashir Govt is a defamation and abuse to the people of South Sudan who died depending this nation. Bab Allah is a hero who cannot join such evil party like SPLM IO whose vision is to destablize the entire South Sudan. Ngundengism will not materialised in south sudan,